11 Incredible Ganesh Mantra Benefits

ganesh mantra benefits

The True Power of Ganesha Mantras

Lord Ganesh symbolizes Knowledge and Wisdom. He is the son of the Universal Parents, Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Parvati Devi is Power personified. She is the Goddess of Material Energy. Hence, she is also called Shakti.

If we want material success, know that our chakras should be in balance to attract the energy currents that support our goal.

Many times, the moving energy within our bodies is deactivated or sleeping.

Hence, we are not able to execute tasks or achieve our goals.

To fix this, we have the Ganesha Mantra.

Lord Ganesha is the Lord of the Root Chakra which is at the base of the spine (Mooladhara Chakra).

His mother is Goddess Parvati who is also known as Shakti or Energy.

Now, Lord Ganesha presiding deity of the Muladhara Chakra.

Without unlocking the Muladhara, we shall not get access to the higher Chakras.

The higher we travel along the chakras, the more the possibilities.

A person with an awakened chakra has got immense potential.

Hence, we should aim at activating our Muladhara Chakra’s energy through this Ganesha Mantra.

If we please Lord Ganesha he opens our internal gateways that were once preventing the flow of energy.

He allows Shakti or Parvati Devi to manifest, who resides with Sadashiva in the higher chakras.

With this potent, charged energy, unlocked through Ganesha Mantra we can fulfil our goals, become powerful, materially successful, and do much more.

The combined energies of Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi is found in Lord Ganesha.

If we worship Lord Ganesha, we attract the Grace of both Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati.

It is an ideal mantra for spiritual practitioners, students, adults and people across all age groups.

It has wondrous material benefits as well as spiritual benefits.

The Secret Ganesha Mantra

ॐ गं गणपतये नम:
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

8 Extraordinary Benefits of Ganesha Mantra

1. Lord Ganesha is the Lord of the Ganas. He is the Lord of ghostly beings or goblins.

The symbolic meaning is that He controls our unstable minds which is no less than a ghost.

By chanting this mantra we get control of our mind and mind related activities.

All mental imbalance shall at once stop.

Instead, you shall think in a harmonious manner, Attracting Positivity in your Life.

2. Chanting Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha aligns the energies of the root chakra, Muladhara.

This means that the tendency to laze around stops.

Your low energy currents get substituted with higher energy currents that enable you to pursue your goals.

3. If you simply chant “Gam” (गं) 10 times a day, you will get instant relief from different urinary problems.

4. By closing your eyes and chanting “Gam” (गं), 10 times a day, you can prevent bad dreams.

5. The Mantra affects the intellect to the maximum. It fixes deranged thought patterns.

6. It promotes smooth energy flow through the Sushumna Nadi at the centre of the Spine.

This means that your actions shall be correct at all times. Your planning ability improves.

7. Lord Ganesha is also the Lord of prosperity.

Only Pure Intelligence can initiate True Prosperity in our lives.

Hence chanting the mantra shall attract intelligence.

You will get access to many unseen avenues of earning wealth. It is a special blessing of Lord Ganesha.

8. By chanting this mantra, you will eradicate inauspiciousness from your life.

Chant this mantra as many times as you can during auspicious occasions, days, and events.

You can chant it aloud or in your mind. But, ensure that you chant the syllables clearly.

Ganesh Mantra Benefits for Special People

9. If you are an artist, musician or a creator of any artistic field, there is good news for you.

Chanting this mantra opens the gateways to creativity.

You will see your creative skills improving day by day as you chant this mantra with sincerity. 

10. If you are a researcher in the field of Science, Philosophy, or Linguistics, there is good news for you as well.

After chanting this mantra, you shall see many profitable opportunities in your field of research.

You will get newer offers that shall improve your abilities and overall quality of life.

These opportunities will fetch you abundance both at the mental platform as well as financially.

Your lifestyle will improve and you will see more circulation of money.

11. If you are a student, please chant this mantra as many times as possible.

Chanting this mantra for a young age has stronger effects.

It will help you concentrate in studies, perform well for examinations and overall improve your thinking abilities.

2 Powerful Practices for Maximum Benefits

1. It is a good practice to write the Mantra in a carefully preserved notebook.

Use a Red ink pen to write the Mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah.

Continue writing this mantra at least 108 mantras everyday for a span of 6 months.

After doing so, you shall Enable Siddhis.

But, do not miss a single day of this powerful sadhana.

This Siddhi does not mean that you will be able to manifest everything and anything you think.

Your mind shall develop energy to attract future events early in your life.

So, it does not mean that you change your future events.

With the help of this siddhi, you can replace the events the way you want.

You can experience future events now and delay your present event for the future.

But still life starts rapidly smoothening if one writes this mantra with full concentration everyday.

2. Another good practice is to chant the mantra in front of a small deity of Lord Ganesha made of turmeric. Offer Durva grass.

However, you can follow the same process for any Ganesh deity and replace the Dhruva grass with red or saffron-colored flowers.

Now, chant Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha, and offer one Durva Grass.

Repeat this process for 108 times every day.

This can be a life changing practice and remove all obstacles.

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