2 Types of Dakini in Tantra Shastra

2 Types of Dakini

Sthoola and Sukshama Dakini

There are two types of Dakini Shakti.

The Physical Dakini or “Sthoola” Dakini and the other one being “Sukshama” Dakini or the subtle form of Dakini.

Dakini Shakti are servitors of Devi Kali and represent the various smaller energy forms of Kali Devi.

Dakini Shakti represents “Ugra Shakti” or a “terrible power “.

Anger and Fear form the natural trajectory of Dakini Shakti.

Sthoola Dakini – A physical being

Sthoola Dakini is a living being just like you and me, but one with extraordinary powers.

She has a physical body and moves around in the universe without any hindrance and absolutely free in her actions.

This Dakini normally resides inside the burial grounds, deserted caves in hilly regions or at the banks of rivers.

People normally consider the rivers unholy, on whose bank the Dakini resides.

Sometimes she resides in deserted locations, which people have abandoned.

At the deserted places, they assume many wrathful forms.


Sukshama and Sthoola Dakini differences

Sukshama Dakini or the subtle forms of Dakini resides in our own body systems, at the Muladhara Chakra region.

However one major difference exists between Sthoola and Sukshama Dakini.

Sthoola Dakini usually exists as a revengeful or an evil manifestation of the Dakini energy form.

However the Sukshama Dakini can have a very beneficial form and can be used for many auspicious purposes unlike the physical form of Dakini.

On attaining success, we can employ the subtle Dakini Shakti towards our own liberation.

She normally awakens during Kundalini Awakening Sadhana.

When one gets angry or extremely egoistic or bombastic in one’s approach towards others, we are under the influence of the Dakini Shakti of the Muladhara energy Chakra.

Hair and nails grow on our body, owing to this subtle force of Dakini Shakti.


Guru necessary to undertake Dakini Sadhana

When one defeats the subtle form of Dakini, Liberation will result.

According to Tantra, such is the simple philosophy of Liberation.

One can do sadhana of Dakini Shakti through Vama Marga.

In this marga or path, the role of the Guru remains indispensable.

A person doing Sthoola Dakini Sadhana will be unable to control the attack of Dakini.

Hence he shall require a Guru to regulate the approach of Dakini, into one’s direct experience.

Only with the blessings of Gurudev one can be able to harness Dakini completely.

In the case of Sadhana of the subtle form of Dakini, one should be an expert in Pranayama and specific yogic postures.

When one gains absolute breath control, “Prana” energizes the Dakini Shakti within, and shall manifest her into one’s direct perceptive experience.

Then one attains Siddhi or control over the Subtle Dakini form.


Getting Access to Immense Powers

Even in this case, Guru becomes indispensable.

Both the forms of Dakini can grant access to past, present and future to her practitioners.

Dakini has complete access to the forces of Nature, being the servant of Mother Kali.

She can give the practitioner access to these powers, provided she is happy with the practitioner’s sadhana.

Before entering into Dakini Sadhana, the practitioner should first do preliminary sadhana of Lord Bhairava and Bhairavi.

They should also perform Shiva Sadhana so as to become ready to undertake Dakini Sadhana.

Of course here too, Guru Kripa becomes mandatory.

People belonging to the Aghor Sampradaya or Kapala Sampradaya have full knowledge of Dakini Sadhana.

Fear has no place in Dakini Sadhana

In any form of Dakini Sadhana fear should have no place in the Sadhaka’s heart.

Trying to do Dakini Sadhana without a Guru means trying to walk the edge of a perfect razor.

It means, it can cut you through, with one small error.

When one transcends Greed, Lust and Fear, when character becomes our guide, only then can one hope to succeed in Dakini Sadhana, not before that.

Dakini come with an attitude that they play with the mind and intelligence of the sadhaka so as to befool or trick him, by testing his character.

At that time, we could freeze.

Only the Guru can save the practitioner, not any other soul.

One may now wonder about the form of Dakini.


Some more Characteristics of Dakini

The Sthoola or physical Dakini residing within our universe appears in extremely tamasic form, replete in the mode of ignorance.

Female by form, she wears a black dress.

She adorns herself with many ornaments with a divine yet deceptive figure.

When the sadhaka enters the initial phases of Sadhana, she lures the sadhaka with many beautiful scenes and forms.

In this way she attempts to jeopardize his sadhana.

If the sadhaka succeeds in continuing his sadhana without break, next, she assumes fearful forms.

With this she intends to throw the sadhaka off guard, by which the sadhaka abandons sadhana.

Dakini possesses many hypnotic powers which no average men can withstand.

If a sadhaka fails to contain the Dakini Form, that form will end the Sadhaka’s life, owing to the upsurge of enormous, uncontrollable Dakini Shakti.

The Dakini Shakti existing in a physical form within this universe exists as a permanent resident of this universe, outside our physical and mental frame.

However the Dakini Shakti existent within our own Kundalini Shakti represents our very origin at the Muladhara.

That power, has manifested us within this universe and exists as part of us.

Only the subtle form of Dakini can lead us to the path of Liberation.

The Physical Dakini, on the other hand can be used to attain some impossible looking tasks for us, within this material universe, be it anything.

She can get the impossible done for us, provided we are successful in doing her Siddhi.

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