Are You Troubled by Negative Thoughts? | Best way to stop disturbing thoughts

In which circumstance you feel most negative?

We all want solutions to problems. Today, your own thoughts have created turmoil in your life. So, what is the possible solution? How can you get rid of thoughts that trouble?

Sanity practice is the answer! Let us understand how.

It’s important to be sane. When you audit your thoughts, they reduce. When they end you become free from the miseries of the world. Ending thoughts has been the goal of all religion. Spirituality is aimed at getting this sanity. The world is getting insane because it is the mind which runs and rules the world. The mind is usually uncontrolled and hence influences your actions in a very negative way. Any entity that is not controlled goes awry. Once you get clarity in your thoughts, it means that you are now getting ready to reduce the clutter that unnecessary thoughts have created which lock within itself unbridled emotional patterns.

It is behind the thought screen that Supreme intelligence resides in the form of the undying spirit which you know as the life force. Hence, the first step towards sanity is to end the thoughts which give rise to unnecessary action, causing misery. When you are sorted enough, you get a hang of yourself, your actions. Meditation is a great way to get tarried thoughts under control. Meditation starts with the slowing down of the mind-process. It involves either concentrated focus on one thought or the other way is to relieve the mind by watching its content without getting attached to it or interfering with the thought patterns. A regular habit of watching the mind in an unattached way will eventually reduce the thoughts per minute, surfacing in the mind.

Sanity is the end of all thoughts, in other words it is the gateway to bliss and knowledge. It is devoid of misery. This is the goal of life. Getting to this state of maturity is very difficult without guidance. Spirituality is the key. Follow a disciplined spiritual practice, this shall contribute towards cleaning the mind. It promotes healthy living as well as honing a sane mind.

Control of thoughts is attained through purification of thought and then emptying them through vigorous and sincere spiritual practice.

How do you practice sanity in your life? Are there specific methodologies that you implement? Are your thoughts affecting your creative process? Share your experience with us in the comments

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