What is True Freedom?

When you release your grip on things of the world, you shall experience freedom., freedom from worldly compulsions and pressures. The end of compulsions is the release of the unconscious.

The unconscious part of your consciousness is buried under your automatic instinctive character which is animistic in nature whereby your human potential is submerged in the darkness of your unknown dark character.  Unless you let go your grip of what you feel needs control, you shall never know the possibilities of the infinite which lies hidden, unattainable in the depths of your heart.

Letting go or surrender is the first lesson you need to take as the first step towards the otherwise unknowable. A healthy way to begin this process is to associate with already free people. This is a marketplace and it is easier said than done. However, if it is your sincere desire to know what True Freedom is and live such a life,is enough. This is the most important step that you have taken.

The Vedic lifestyle is that one should look up to so that all the basic elements of freedom fall into place. Unless you strive to attain true happiness in your life the thought to be free from life’s compulsions will not come as a thought in your already cluttered life. First desire, you shall automatically become deserving if your desire is genuine and consistent.

Have you been feeling down and under? Have you been feeling that you are losing control of things and something needs to be done to get back control? Do you think there is a relation between experiencing freedom and creativity in any manner?Let me know in the comments section. Feel free to connect with me.

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