Why You Have Lost Your Creativity? | How to become Creative?

When do you feel that your creativity is losing? Choose the most suitable option.

Consistency is necessary for success. However, when you free yourself of compulsions, the laws of the world will no longer bind you. Art is born in that freedom. Consistency is usually necessary to form a new habit, something positive. In the domain of the soul, you just are. When you have rid yourself of all compulsions that bind you, art is born. Art is the creative force that is driven by soul power. An artist lives in the moment and surrenders to Supreme Will. Any artist who does not attribute his art to Supreme will is not really creative or an artist either because he is ignorant of the source that releases art in his life.

A true artist is not driven by position or possessions and is joyful irrespective of the external conditions. His art is a representative output of that inner condition. Such expressions cannot be linked with the consistency of discipline although getting to this state of creativity is a result of a persistent and soulful endeavor.

If lack of creativity is a growing concern for you, take a break from it. Just go with the flow. Do not bind yourself to your compulsions of art. Then when you get back to it, with a mind devoid of stress and clutter, creativity will flood inThis will bring happiness in your life. It is the sheer freshness and power of creativity that will flood happiness into your life. Being creative is not a privilege of the lucky few who are popular artists. Art and creativity can be expressions of the commonest of common men. Creativity and art is the way that life operates. If you connect with life automatically you are creative and become capable of art.

Do you feel bogged down by your compulsions often? Do you feel that you lack creativity? Have you given creativity any importance in your life? Do you think culture is related to creativity in any manner? Share the creative aspects of your life in the comments section. I will be glad to connect with you.

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