Why You Have Lost Your Creativity? | How to become Creative?

When do you feel that your creativity is losing? Choose the most suitable option.

Natural expressions of Creativity

The greatest expression of Creativity is Creation itself. Nothing can be as creative as life around us. But as they say we are made in the image of God. If this were true, even we as humans would inherit the quality of creativity from our creator. The silkworm creates the cocoon all by itself. It requires no learning. The spider weaves its web from its own saliva. Nature has primary and secondary creators who further the creation process of the Supreme Being in ever so many ways and contribute towards the creation of natural structures all around us. The greatest investment of creativity however lies in the human species. All the sciences and arts that man has developed ever since the cave-man-age which includes weapons of protection to the great temples and architecture works are seen as reflections of man’s progress within the framework of the entire Creation process.

Man is invested with creative potential

Man is incomplete without creativity. Unless man expresses his passion through a work of creativity, he fails to find peace within. A work of creativity always releases spaces of deep rest and relaxation within man. Many people find it difficult to find a niche within the life-process and that can be a great reason from man’s growing discontentment. If creativity is hindered within, man takes to a path of destruction. Man is invested with a great creative potential and if this potential in unexplored, it is then directed towards negative acts that spreads unrest in and around man. A child who is not taught to hone his skills in the positive direction, ends up wasting his or her energy in useless pursuits that can create social unrest. When a person is not directed in the positive direction, the mind finds an outlet through gossip and other wasteful activities thereby increasing nuisance. It is important to figure out areas of creativity to which the mind needs to be applied and sharpened. Using creativity also serves to release the mind of its grossness and helps increase its usability and effectiveness. Let us consider some aspects that hinder creativity within man

Stress and Strain can hinder creativity

If you are an artiste or a painter, then you see that sometimes over a long stretch of time one is not able to display or perform on the creative front. This is also true for musicians, actors and many other creative people. There must be something disturbing that is happening in the background which you are not conscious off. Sometimes you may be required to deliver work and there is too much of it. If you are not given ample time, it’s possible that the creative fluids stop flowing. Outside pressure creates stress in your system and does not help your creative talents to show up. Owing to the pressure, whatever you produce may be due to compulsion that the situation creates thereby limiting the creative value of the work output. It is important that you create space for creativity to express itself. All works of creativity require time and the mental freedom for your inner nature to express itself beautifully through the work of art. One has to remember that the work of art is not someone’s creation but it is the expression of the original Creator’s will. Hence a work of art can only be the natural expression of a meditative state. Stress and Strain is the opposite of such a state of being. One needs to find a balance between creative work and earning through creative work. Creativity should never be slave to money. This is to be remembered as a rule so that the work of creation expresses the deeper self, which cannot manifest itself in situations of stress.

Emotional disturbance will throttle creativity

Creativity gets hampered extensively if one is having emotional disturbances. If we are having problems with relationships, with people around us, our mental state shall remain disturbed. Unless there is a sense of deep clarity within the mind, unless the mind becomes a transparent conduit to manifest creativity, there cannot be a creative output. It is to be understood that all emotional trauma or disturbances misalign the system thereby not letting the act of creativity to manifest. Creativity can be honed and increased through practice no doubt, but it is your psychological environment that creates room for a work of art to manifest in its full glory.

Overuse of Creative faculties can stunt Creativity

Sometimes one may be involved heavily with art and creativity. Out of inspiration, it is possible that you may create a lot of great works. But if we tend to get greedy and try to over-produce, the creative faculties shrink or pull back. This happens on its own and are controlled by the natural phenomenon. It should be understood that all creative works should be seen as an expression of the Divine. The divine manifests only when the conditions of the mind is aligned to the spirit. Even if there is a slight misalignment of intentions, creativity stops manifesting. One should start asking this question “Am I stretching too far? Am I expecting something more from my creative activity? Am I relaxed and am I enjoying my work?” Unless there are positive responses to the above questions, creativity shall not manifest whole-heartedly.

Pursuing materialistic goals through Creative endeavor

The best way to allow creativity to manifest is through non-expectation. Non-expectation is a spiritual quality. Creativity should not be used to drive your income, at least consciously. It is a different thing if creativity adjusts itself and provides you a platform to earn a living. That is upon the faculty of creativity to decide. But it will be foolish to think in terms of earning money through creativity. This can lead to unnecessary stress on your creative faculties. It is better that one pursues creativity for the love and joy of the creative process. Let passion for creativity decide how it goes. The question to be asked through your creative endeavors is “Am I happy, am I enjoying my pursuit?” If the answer is yes, then simply follow your passion. Do not force yourself to earn money consciously through the creative angle. Instead focus on honing your skills and focus on inner expression. Then, if creativity decides, it shall earn you a living through a path which is decided by the presiding deity of Creativity. One should always remember this point.

Being too proud of one’s creative capabilities is bad for creative manifestation

If one becomes proud of one’s creative achievements, there is an immediate effect on our creative output. Every signal of emotional disharmony thwarts the flow of creative juices. Our sensory perceptions and skills start becoming blunt and incapable of finer expressions. Creativity is all about expressing the finer aspects of creation. If this faculty is blunted, naturally the work of creativity becomes a boring or repetitive piece of work which can never ignite the interests of the on-looker. It is important to free ourselves from the compulsions of the mind related vices. Only if the mind’s dross and compulsive behavioral patterns are under check can the creativity express itself in the most positive ways thereby retaining its continuance for a longer stretch of time.

Creative blocks hinder creativity

It is seen than that sometimes, for no obvious reason, creativity seems to withhold itself and the person is unable to continue with the creative process. This is the time one should not get disturbed and take a break from creative work. This happens with creative writing, art works and similar type of endeavors. One should not get disturbed with these lags. Most of the time, it becomes important to just take a break and return to work after that. This should fix the problem.

Need for Consistency and source of Art

Consistency is necessary for success. However, when you free yourself of compulsions, the laws of the world will no longer bind you. Art is born in that freedom. Consistency is usually necessary to form a new habit, something positive. In the domain of the soul, you just are. When you have rid yourself of all compulsions that bind you, art is born. Art is the creative force that is driven by soul power. An artist lives in the moment and surrenders to Supreme Will. Any artist who does not attribute his art to Supreme will is not really creative or an artist either, because he is ignorant of the source that releases art in his life.

Inner qualities of a Creative person

A true artist is not driven by position or possessions and is joyful irrespective of the external conditions. His art is a representative output of that inner condition. Such expressions cannot be linked with the consistency of discipline although getting to this state of creativity is a result of a persistent and soulful endeavor. If lack of creativity is a growing concern for you, take a break from it. Just go with the flow. Do not bind yourself to your compulsions of art. Then when you get back to it, with a mind devoid of stress and clutter, creativity will flood in. This will bring happiness in your life. It is the sheer freshness and power of creativity that will flood happiness into your life. Being creative is not a privilege of the lucky few who are popular artists. Art and creativity can be expressions of the commonest of men. Creativity and art is the way that life operates. If you connect with life automatically you are creative and shall become capable of art.

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