The Real Way to Acquire Wisdom | How Does One Attain True Wisdom?

Which is your favorite means to attain knowledge among the following options-

You need to follow the words of the wise. This is the mark of wisdom. Wise people are those who know peace and tranquility, people who have found their Self, The Original Self. The wise are the people who have known the world in its true essence, who have realized it.

Unless one has self-knowledge, one can never know the true nature of the world. A truly wise being does not worry about the world or worldly affairs. He is constantly in touch with his Self and ever prepared to leave the world if providence wills so, at the wink of an eye. This is true wisdom.

The man of wisdom never speaks unless consulted and never cares to share his wisdom with the illusory world because the world does not care for his golden words. A wise man only shares his thoughts with people who care to knowing the Truth, the Self. The rest of the world is not ready to understand the words of the truly wise. Happiness in your life shall only become a reality if only you work with your mind, under the supervision of an enlightened being. 


Working with your mind necessarily is to study the mind with an unbiased view. You need to first accept yourself as you are without trying to defend yourself from the world, from what the world calls you or what it thinks about you. This is the first step towards developing true wisdom.

Undertaking a Vedic lifestyle is the next step. Although it does not necessarily mean that you should adopt a lifestyle of the first century, it really means that you need to be able to understand and analyze your shortcomings in the brilliant light of Vedic knowledge. You need to associate with the wise men, who radiate light and who are renunciants by their very nature irrespective of what they possess.

You have to become lovers of Truth and continuously sharpen your intelligence by the practice of Dharma, the eternal Vedic Law found mentioned in great scriptures like the Ramayana and Mahabharata. All the solutions of your life are essentially embedded in these great scriptures. The more we practice Vedic law, wisdom shall eventually dawn upon you with all its pristine glory. There is no doubt about this.

Have you ever interacted with truly wise people. Have you sought guidance from them? What is your idea of wisdom? Do you think leading a truthful life has an effect on your wisdom? Share your ideas with me in the comments section. Additionally you are free to contact me if you have any questions.

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