The role of culture in our lives | The drawbacks of culture

Which Indian state's culture do you like the most among the following options-

It’s great to have a culture. Cultures are inherited from the past. A true culture is what continues if in the past it had shaped the ways of people. Although culture influences your future, you should not be compelled by it as you evolve as a human.

Culture if it was rich, as in the case with India, should have a framework for accommodation, to integrate and evolve. When cultures tend to dictate dogmatism, such cultures become autocratic and corrode the intelligence of the population that preserve that culture.

There are cultures in the world that have their origin in violence, hatred, in intolerance and in politics. These cultures are toxic and incite humanity into a debilitating future. Your religion can be toxic, being a part of culture, if it is formed as part of a political scheme. Religion , if it is devoid of spiritual tenor is usually toxic because it serves to subjugate its followers in umpteen ways the name of God.

Your personality is often shaped by the culture you belong to. Your genetic code has the initials of your culture etched inside your psyche whether you believe it or not that dictate your characteristics, your behavior, even your thought patterns, and your habits.

It also encodes within you, your mannerisms. For example, Indians, having been ruled by a foreign power for a little under 1000 years, tend to be less trusting and also try to gain an advantageous position, especially while interacting with other races or for that matter tend to gather an upper hand while interacting with other Indians. This is just an example of how your culture affects your behavior.

It is high time that you purge yourself of all the influences of culture in general because then you shall truly know freedom, spiritual freedom and not irresponsibly shy away from your natural programming by “re-programming” an artificial sense of freedom by psyching yourself free; this method will not work.

The only possibility of freeing yourself from all such compulsions is through the deprogramming of your Mind and Consciousness adopting a rich Vedic lifestyle which includes meditation, prayer, Japa or chanting. This shall not only carve inroads towards correcting your cultural bias but also set the scene for everlasting happiness in your life.

What do you feel about your culture? Does it encourage you to open up to new possibilities of behavior and expression? Is your upbringing too much culture driven? What’s your take on growing up in freedom? do let me know in the comments section. You can get in touch with me if you feel you the need to share something interesting.

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