Are you troubled by memories? | How to forget disturbing memories?

Do you think too much about your past?

Time is in the mind. Memories are created because of time and if you have consistent memories bothering you, then you are in the warp of Time. Memories are better off purged, so that time does not get to you and disturb you.

Memories irrespective of whether they are good or evil are still of the past and the past is dead. Your association with memories cannot be negated, yet it is important to work towards their release from your system as much as possible. Unless you do that your possibilities for the future becomes utterly curtailed. Holding to the memory means holding the past, which means in a way not allowing time to get rid of your pain, sorrows and other aspects of your personality which become toxic as you enter the future.


Memories have a direct link with time and thereby it affects your mind and consciousness as the very movement of memories creates the illusion of time or “Kaala” in Sanskrit.”Kaala” also means “death” or association with the dead. Happiness in your life is a direct component of the way you perceive your memories and how much you live in your past.

The past is dead and reliving the past through memories is to live with the carcass of Time. However pleasant the past maybe, one should realize that it is “dead” and reliving it in your mind is always painful although it may seem to offer you fleeting pleasure. Adhering to a Vedic Lifestyle, living in the present, at the moment is the solution to your gnawing memories. Such a lifestyle has to be understood and practiced because nothing has ever been possible without intentional practice.

Have you been lately troubled or attacked by memories of the past? Are some of your actions in the past still haunting you? Do you think that memories have a relationship with the way you have been brought up? What is your idea about dealing with disturbing memories? Let me know in the comments section.

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