Best Spiritual Advice for Youth

Youth has to be guided. They have to be nurtured and tuned. When consciousness is awakened in youth, it triggers a world welfare movement. It is to be realized that it is spirituality which is the link that connects youth to welfare.

Maya and the Spiritual World

Maya, if understood can open up new avenues. The spiritual world is not an imaginary conception but a reality, if we are take sadhana seriously. Understanding spirituality through Bhakti Yoga, can open the spiritual world for us.

Drain of Personal Power

We feel we have power. What is the power capable of achieving. We need to understand the true value of power so that we can put it to good use. Unless we decode the possibilities of power, power is usually misused,

I feel accomplished when…

The world is spinning. We spin along with it. There is so much to be attained, to be accomplished. Where do we go next from here. Setting new goals and accomplishing so much. What Am I looking for?

Family Synergy

We often take our rights for granted. Unfortunately, our family is one such entity that bears the brunt of our unprecedented rights on it. If we are to lead a peaceful life, one needs to understand what are our duties towards our family.

Dandavat, Prostration of a special kind

Offering prostrations, symbolizes the helm of all practices within Sanatana Dharma. It is important to understand what offering prostrations represent. Exploring the aspect of Dandavat, can open up many possibilities towards the Supreme.

Pure Awareness through Sadhana

What is it that works as intelligence within us. What is it that powers the life process. Is there a means to realize it? The means to light up life, is within our reach. One should takes immediate steps to get there

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