Enshrouding of Karma

Karma, although spoken about, is rarely understood. Unraveling the secrets of Karma is not possible, through mere intellectual understanding. It is important to delve deep into the arena of spiritual practice to understand Karma fully.

Lie your way out

Lying, today has become a way of life today. Nobody has been spared of this habit. People are more concerned about its short-term gains than its long-term ill effects. That is more disturbing

Cult and Confusion

Most of us are looking for a purpose in life and head the wrong way. Just as an appliance has a manual for correct use, so does life have one.

Oneness, Mind-less

Oneness, is seldom understood. The idea appears esoteric while in reality, it is an everyday experience. It is a matter or clear comprehension.


The "I" construct, is what gives you the limited conception of life. That is what gives you the limited world. Self-remembrance is the access key to the beyond.

Developing Wisdom

Wisdom is a rare trait. It is the pre-cursor to enlightenment. Wisdom is talked about much but seldom visible. What does it take to develop wisdom?

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