How to develop wisdom? | Tackling life problems and finding solution

Does wisdom depend on age?

Everything cannot be said or expressed. Wisdom is one such thing. It is deep and awakened only when one realizes completely that all that we see, feel and experience is not real, it only “appears to be”.This appearance of the world, cannot be assumed purely through the words of the scriptures or simple acceptance. Only when the realization is deep, can it be “SEEN”.

Faith is an important aspect of wisdom, though faith and wisdom may seem to be unconnected. Nevertheless, this is true. When one is on the platform that the “world is not real”, one automatically qualifies to be called “wise”. But who can call somebody wise? Only a man of wisdom can recognize the other wise man. The actions of wisdom cannot be measured. A wise man is usually, a man of few words. Absorption is an attribute of wisdom. When the mind is free of any opinions or distortions, all actions and even thoughts emerge from the core of the being. None of the thoughts are then opinions or hunches. It emanates for Truth. This state of being, is attained only when one is committed to Truth. It happens only when there is genuine seeking.

Wisdom is not an ideology that is dependent on time, place, and circumstance. It is universal in nature. To hone wisdom, one needs to take a humble position. This is vital. We are often driven by instincts, which are inferior by nature. This is one of the major impediments in the cultivation of wisdom. If one becomes an observer; if one practices contemplation, thoughts get ironed out and refined. Inner purification is an important aspect of the development of wisdom. The tendency to Lord over other people or trounce the other person’s position, is an act of intellectual savagery. This tendency proliferates only in a person who is unwise in all respects.

The best way to develop wisdom is by giving respect to others and considering oneself as a servitor of the world. This can be the very first step. When a person even takes this position mentally, the practice has the capacity to break one’s gross, false conceptions about the world and about oneself. In the Indian Vaishnava traditions, it is a common practice to consider “oneself humbler than a blade of grass”. Such an approach is an elixir in the development of wisdom. Again, there seems to be no connection between wisdom and humility. Nevertheless, this is cent percent true. Enlightenment shall verily be the fruit of wisdom.

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  1. Very nice ending. Describes wisdom perfectly as enlightenment. It is, pushed by knowledge and awareness. I like the relation to faith, in this case faith being believing in the unseen as if it’s true.
    As you’ve said, observing, being present and diving within is the surest way of achieving true wisdom. Accumulating the right knowledge, acting on it but still acknowledging that you know nothing as the Socrates quoted. Good post.

    1. Yes Kevin (I hope that is your first name). It is “Not Knowing” that is “Knowing”. The more you become an empty vessel, the more you are filled with that which is beyond perception, real. Wisdom can stem from only that which is Real although it cannot be perceived with mundane senses. I am glad you like the post. Really appreciate your time and interest.

      1. Yes, my first name is Kevin. Well explained. You cannot fill a full cup, and most of what we fill ourselves is other people’s truths not necessary the truth. I’m grateful to.

  2. Beautifully said! We have to go through a cleanse and “unlearn” all that we have been programmed to believe as facts. Although as simple as it sounds, it’s not so easy to put into practice, and it requires a constant cultivation, monitoring and awareness.

    1. Yes Amira. It is important that we set this as our goal of life to the exclusion of all others. Our food, clothing and shelter is automatically taken care, if we do so. Ambitions are mere distortions , which are not at all necessary for our maintenance. When we get committed to the Lord, clarity gushes forth and the future becomes visible just as the sun becomes visible when clouds have moved away.

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