Journey of Life | Poem: Empty Roads and Passers-by

In times of need, did you have any good old friends by your side?

Empty roads and passers by
As shadows of bygone time flash past, I stand-by
How the river of life gushes forth no one knows
With attention to life, up-close,
One hears haunting voices of musical throes.

Empty roads and passers by
On the vehicles of memory ride the free-ways of time
On the many cross-roads called events, drivers die.
I am the journeyman on this river of highs and lows

Empty roads and passers by
As rusty windows screech open into the naked sky
Broken matter behind me, the reverberance ahead shows.
I move ahead, taken somewhere, happily, by force.
Ah, encumbrance of bygone days now, appears like gallows.

Empty roads and passers by
Things of the world, there appears no reason or rhyme
What is life? all answers out there are a lie.
As the heart is meek now, the wind of “realization” blows.

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  1. It’s an Interesting journey where change is the only constant and the roads filled with illusions. Paradoxical in the more we find ourselves the more one feels lost until they are not. Loved the poem. Profound

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