Contents of the RigVeda-Part-5

To understand the value of the RigVeda, it is important to understand the culture that gave rise to the RigVeda. The Aryan or Vedic system is perhaps the oldest of all known civilizations. Understanding the older cultures of Bharath can be considered as a preperatory ground for understanding the mood of the RigVeda

The story of Shankara Deva- Part -1

The study of the lives of devotees is important, if we are to learn the techniques of lives. Knowing their lives, can serve as useful tools in setting the benchmark of a life of ideals. It is a barometer that can point to the right milestones and guide us through the many trials and tribulations that life has to offer.

Three Sages and Gita Press-Part-4

The lifes of sages reflect the very Truth of existence. What they represent, is an invitation to the common man, to take to a lifestyle, that paves the way towards immortality. By listening to the life sketches of sages like the three sages of the Gita Press, man shall be able to peep into his past and retrospect, his own life.

Paths Of Gita

It is important to understand that the Gita is the mirror which reflects our very nature, the Truth of all that is. Without Gita, the living entities of Kaliyuga shall long wallow in the dirt-mire of consumerism and materialistic living. The Gita is the voice of conscience. It is the bugle that can wake up the giant within us. It is high time that we rise and listen to the song of the soul, the Gita.

Contents of the Rigveda-Part-4

It is important to understand that the Rigveda is not a casual work. One has to have a rudimental level of spiritual capability before attempting to unearth the deeper secrets hidden in the bosom of the book. The RigVeda is definitely not for popular consumption. It is a sacrifice that can be only undertaken by the individual who is vying for the highest Truth.

Contents of the RigVeda-Part-3

In this great sacred ambit, of the Rigveda,nothing is as it is appears on the surface. The teachings of the RigVeda appears to be veiled from the outer mind. Its teachings are under a clout and inaccessible to the non-devoted, as if locked by some sacred formulae.

Three Sages and Gita Press- Part-3

The life of sages can be eye-openers. Especially to those who seek meaning in life. For those who wish to awaken, it is necessary that such people delve deep into the life of sages from the Sanatana Dharmic tradition. It is Dharma alone that has encouraged sages to set examples for the coming generation. To take a chapter of two from the life of sages, is to give oneself the taste of elixir that grants immortality.

Gita Glories-The Song Supreme

The Gita is a scripture that every follower of Sanatana Dharma swears by. It is the summum bonum of creation and divine edict. It is the originator of all philosophies of the world. Life itself is a mere reflection of this great scripture. To seek the Gita, is to become capable of solving the mystery of life.

Sri Laxmana, The Lord who could never wait

Sri Laxmana is the very personfication of Death, the highest reality. King Sugreeva, in the ramayana is a representation of the common man, who has lforgotten his eternal duties towards God. He has given up Bhakti and has immersed himself in worldly activities. This is gross neglect of Dharma. It is important that man follows the teachings of the Ramayana and awaken to His pure conscience.

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