What is Kundalini Shakti? | Kundalini Awakening Stages | What is Kundalini Energy?

Have you practiced Kundalini Yoga?

The Kundalini, is Shakti, the potency of the Supreme which is coiled below the Muladhara (मुलाधार) Chakra. All spiritual discipline which includes meditation, chanting, Kirtan, prayers, thoughts and emotions for God, conscious cultivation of virtues, standing with truth, continence and regulation of sexual tendencies and promoting celibacy within oneself, all contribute to one major development inside the human system. It is to awaken the giant serpent power that is otherwise in a sleeping mode resting at the best of the spine. The goal is to make this power impinge through the seven major Chakra system beginning with the Svadhishthana (स्वाधिष्ठान) right up to the Sahasra (सहस्र). At the Sahasra, is seated the Supreme Being, the Parabrahman (परब्रह्म) also known as Sadashiva (सदाशिव). Thus it is for Shakti (शक्ति) in the Muladhara to meetup with Sadashiva at the Sahasra. Once this meeting happens, liberation is granted to the individual in whose system, such a meeting has taken place. In people, who are consciously or unconsciously practicing some form of spiritual practices inadvertently, the serpent power can be either stuck somewhere above the Muladhara or shall be at some intermediate position somewhere between the five chakras between Muladhara and Sahasra thus invoking certain spiritual capabilities within the individual depending on the risen levels of the Kundalini.

The intermediate positions of the Kundalini within the human system grants certain worldly benefits to the individual. Certain people may have a good voice or may turn out to be lucky and fortunate in terms of material well-being. Some may also be fit and healthy. Certain others may be very intelligent and some may be blessed with convincing oratory skills and so on. All this is possible only through the power of the Kundalini, the way it is tuned with respect to the Chakra system. In thoroughly worldly-minded individuals, the Kundalini power is sleeping because it has not been worked upon, through spiritual undertakings and hence such people are not particularly blessed in terms of some worldly or other-worldly affluence. When individuals take to practices as enjoined by the Vedic scriptures, under the guidance of a spiritual master, in whose system the divine meeting of Shakti and Sadashiva has already taken place, only then shall Kundalini shall truly awaken and take its regular course towards the Sahasra. The guidance of such an enlightened being is indispensable, if at all progress is to be witnessed. By the blessings of such a spiritual master, if the aspirant takes up various forms of Yoga, it is possible that the meeting of Shakti and Sadashiva happens following which the aspirant himself becomes capable of taken up the role of a spiritual master and serve as a guide for other beings, who are committed to the path of spirituality.

Super sensual visions appear before the mental eye of the aspirant, new worlds with indescribable wonders and charms unfold themselves before the Yogi, planes after planes reveal their existence and grandeur to the practitioner and the Yogi gets divine knowledge, power and bliss, in increasing degrees, when Kundalini passes through Chakra after Chakra, making them to bloom in all their glory which before the touch of Kundalini, do not give out their powers, emanating their divine light and fragrance and reveal the divine secrets and phenomena, which lie concealed from the eyes of worldly-minded people who would refuse to believe of their existence even. When the Kundalini ascends from one Chakra or Yogic centre into another, the Yogi also ascends step-by-step upwards on the Yogic ladder. The more the Kundalini travels upwards, the Yogi also advances towards the goal or spiritual perfection in relation to it. When the Kundalini reaches the sixth centre or the Ajna (आज्ञा) Chakra, the Yogi gets the vision of Personal God or Saguna Brahman, and when the serpent-power reaches the last, the top centre, or Sahasra Chakra, or the Thousand-petalled lotus, the Yogi loses his individuality in the ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda or the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute and becomes one with the Lord or Supreme Soul. He is no longer an ordinary man, not even a simple Yogi, but a fully illumined sage, having conquered the eternal and unlimited divine kingdom. He becomes a being who has cut asunder all the veils of Maya, the divine illusion that had once entrapped him from beginningless time. He has now arrived at the final destination. He has now entered into that space called “reality” from where the world that we know of today, stands utterly defeated, like a dissolving vision of images in mist that shall never again bother him. The liberated being on this platform, becomes a being of authority with a capacity to save the other struggling souls of the relative world. Scriptures hail him most, in the maximum possible glorifying way, and eulogizes his achievement.

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