Journey of Soul after Death in Hinduism | Developing Love for God in Sanatana Dharma

Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Lord Sri Krishna in the Gita clarifies, if one does devotion of the powerful Devatas (celestial beings), those humans shall go to the celestial domain. But this stay in the celestial kingdoms shall be limited, although it may be many million earthly years long. The body that one attains in these kingdoms shall be mixed with dissatisfaction of the senses. Hence there shall be pleasure mixed with dissatisfaction and frustration. When all the fruits of good Karmas get exhausted one shall be slammed back into the 8.4 million life species of earth, where the endless cycles of birth and death shall verily repeat. This is the result of “good actions” in previous lifetimes on earth. This is hence, the result of developing devotion towards celestial beings.

If one develops attachment towards other human beings, during the course of life, one shall receive the fruits of happiness and sorrow that comes attached with the inner personality of the loved one. If the person you love is evil, one shall share the fruits of evil, although at a personal level the person who directs his love, has not committed any evil. The “loving” one follows the “loved” one wherever the latter goes. The destination is hence an accidental, unclear destination. Thus getting attached to humans is a dangerous proposition.

When the human being develops perfect attachment to the Supreme Being, he shall be relieved of all limitations, he shall defeat the illusory potency of the Lord which is called Maya and then enters the permanent Supreme Abode of the Lord and shall never return again. If the person still wants to return to assist his dear Lord out of Love, he shall be given all the freedom to enter into the earthly domain. He shall appear on the earthly platform free of the pain of birth and death and shall have the full capacity to maneuver his stay on the earthly plane. He shall remain on that plane as a teacher for the souls which are striving to attain the domain of the Supreme Being. This is the simple process of travel available to all, based on the means of attachment and devotion alone. The destinations are attained however, after one is released from the material body following one’s death. Devotion is a simple means that creates a subtle body for travel to these destinations. Except the Lord’s Abode, all other abodes are reachable through specific subtle bodies which are granted by the Dharma at the time of death. However when one travels to the Perfect Spiritual Abode of the Lord, the subtle body too is left behind and one attains a perfect unassailable spiritual body that remains with one even if one were to appear on earth, to fulfill the Lord’s desire. Once having attained a spiritual body, the living entity shall not have to change vehicles which normally happens if the destination is other than the Lord’s eternal abode.

This is the beauty of Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana Dharma is all about the eternal law. Once man understands the law, he is free to choose his destination. The options available in the Dharma are too many. Man can choose to enter hells, heavens, attain spiritual powers etc the way he prefers. The condition being that he understands the law, if he wishes to enter those very domains consciously. If one is unconscious, he continues to gravitate to the domains based on the weight of good and bad Karmas. There are millions of subdomains of existence and there are means to get to the domains through many million means, especially if one wants to do it consciously. If the right function is applied, man can easily take a suitable body and enter that domain. A person who worships the Sun in a prescribed manner, shall verily get a fire-light-body at the time of death and easily enter the Sun planet. Many scientists try to employ physical means and create attire of a certain kind to enter Mars or Moon. However most of these experimentations have failed. If one wants to enter Abodes, while living, the path of Yoga, Tantra and allied sciences of Sanatana Dharma give one means to enter these planets with the least difficulty. To get a certain body, the Dharma gives one the Yantra, Tantra and the Mantra to enter any domain of choice with consummate ease.  The Yantra is an illustration of geometrical figures that represents a mechanical device, a space ship that carries the subtle body. The Tantra is a process which includes the step by step process. It uses easily available earth materials that serve as the pivot, used in the process and Mantra which is the fuel or the sound energy that will create the subtle body, the vehicle with which anyone can travel to any other planetary system while being alive. However with these processes one can never enter the Abode of the Lord. The restrictions of entering certain other abodes are also restricted yet the options to enter pleasant abodes are always open in the Dharma. Any individual can take to the process as delineated by the Scriptures in Sanatana Dharma and enter into any planet in space, in a suitable subtle body. This is the greatness of Santana Dharma.

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