Story of Sage Valmiki and the Krauncha Birds | Narada Describes Glories of Lord Rama | Valmiki Ramayana-3

Which quality of Rama you like the most?

Sri Valmiki asked a very pertinent yet intriguing question to sage Narada, on his visit to the former’s hermitage at Bithoor. Sri Valmiki asks “Who is such that he never gets angry even on provocation?” and “Can this be the same personality, who gets angry at the drop of a pin, who, when gets angry, even the Gods or Devatas of the heavens tremble?” Now one may argue that if a person never gets angry, how can the same person’s anger make others tremble? This appears to be a misrepresented question, one may feel. It can be understood thus, if one does wrong against the person or even insults him, that person can never get angry. But if the dear ones, devotees of this personality are harmed, then the same person can cross all boundaries of anger. Such a condition is always possible.

When Ravana attacked Sri Rama and hurled many blows at Him, Sri Rama gladly accepted those blows with a smile on his face.  Sri Rama was such that anger was His servant. If He is ready to adorn anger, then anger would come to Him and if He commanded anger to leave, it would simply disappear. Anger was at His beck and call. Sri Rama would adorn anger only if His devotees were harmed. When Ravana released his first arrow towards Sri Hanumanji Maharaj, the great Lord Rama decided that now He shall never spare Ravana and shall see the end of him. This was the love of the Lord towards His devotee. Sage Narada delivered the entire Rama Katha in brief and yet Sage Valmiki felt the need of documenting the life events of Sri Rama in such a way that on mere remembrance of the pastimes of Lord Sri Rama, the many sins and bad effects of Karma lurking in the hearts of the devotees are reduced to ashes. Such were the noble intentions of the great sage Valmiki. The intention of Sage Narada was that “I am recollecting the divine tales of Lord Rama and delivering it to Valmiki. I really wish someone documents it.” This was his mood. Shortly after, the same mood was transferred to the heart of the sage Valmiki. When devotees recollect or intend to perform the Lord’s personal activities, the Supreme Lord immediately makes arrangements to make it happen. Such is the mercy of the Divine Lord. The mood of the Lord is that “My story, shall represent the Vedas directly. The story shall be non-different from the objective of the Vedas and that is to attain Me alone.” This was the thought in the heart of Lord Rama, as the conversations between the two sages happened at Bithoor. The Lord intended thus “The one who remembers my stories as will be presented by sage Valmiki, shall immediately be redeemed of all sins and shall ascend to my divine abode, in the spiritual kingdom of Saket, also called the spiritual domain of Ayodhya. Not only shall the devotee attain pure Bhakti towards my Holy feet, but all his relatives who love him shall attain the same state”, intended the Lord.

Sage Valmiki as well as his eternal disciple sage Bharadhwaja offer prayers at the feet of sage Narada and paid many an obeisance at his feet. After Sage Narada left for the heavenly abodes, Sage Valmiki and Sage Bharadhwaja immediately rushed to the nearby Tamasa River to carry out their evening ablutions, that which is performed by renunciants of the Dharma, at the twilight hour. As the sages arrived at the banks of the Tamasa River, sage Valmiki addressed sage Bharadhwaja and said “See how clear and pure, the waters of the river is. It creates peace and contentment in my heart. It appears as if it represents the heart of the truthful beings, whose heart is uncontaminated by the sediments of Maya. It shines like crystals, just as the seekers of Truth who have surrendered their hearts at the feet of the conglomeration of sages who have seen the Truth.” It is a well-known fact that if one is in turmoil, one whose heart is confounded by material energy, associates with sages, devotees who have realized God or know the self, the sediments of confusion shall easily settle down and one is able to easily discriminate between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Associating with sages and seers is just like adding alum to turbid, dirty water, when all the sediments settle down and one is easily able to witness the amount of filth settled down at the bottom of the vessel. It shall be very easy to now filter clear water and separate the sediments.

Normally after the evening ablutions the sages walk back to their hermitage without wasting much time. But on this evening, sage Valmiki decided to visit the neighboring thicket, instead of directly retiring back to the hermitage, after carrying out their evening ablutions. This happened by the will of Sri Rama. In that thicket the sage saw two Krauncha birds, one male and the other female, enjoying each other’s company. As he watched the two birds his mood became ecstatic as he remembered his deity Sri Rama along with His eternal consort Srimati Seeta Devi. The sage was very joyful as he witnessed the shared joy of the Krauncha birds. Suddenly there was a din and the sage saw that the male Krauncha bird was brutally hit by a bird hunter.

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