What is the Power of Sincere Prayer?

Power of Prayer

The greatest power that is extremely subtle, and yet more powerful than a nuclear weapon is the power of prayer. Prayer is not a mere repetition or muttering of words. It is not a ritualistic act of worship which is aimed at getting some benefit. We shall discuss the various facets of Prayer, a process that connects the heart to the Supreme.

When man is beset by problems that is the time when the mettle of a being is tested. We live a life which is beset with so many problems and function. Our inner mood and disposition is hidden or unmanifest in the normal course of existence. The hidden disposition is in reality, our real form, our original representation.

How Prayer helps cure depression?

Most of the people of the world have not yet discovered their original disposition. As a result, when they are beset with challenges or are cornered by life-challenging situations, most slump into depressive states. These depressive states signify the lack of cultivation of character and represent the weaknesses of heart.

The weaknesses of the heart are a result of neglected inner-health. This also means that life has been operating at a superficial level and is not cemented well at the foundation, at the level of being. Most of the human population is living through stress because the fundamental edifice is not strong.

How Prayer affects the Brain?

One needs to understand that at our very rudiments is the universal entity called consciousness. When consciousness transforms through its non-matter subtlety into gross forms, it builds as ego, intellect, mind and the physical body. Unless pure consciousness is awakened and dragged through the grosser layers of ego, intellect and the mind, one shall continue to wade through the material deformities.

With passage of time, all that we know as alive or conscious shall degrade towards inertness and decay. Thus, if pure consciousness is not exercised through spiritual discipline, the ego, intellect, mind and the body shall be dragged to a state of growing stress and suffering.

Mechanics of Prayer

Prayer is one of the most potent and dynamic mechanisms to summon consciousness causing huge awakening of inner faculties. As commonly misunderstood by the common folks, Prayer is not asking for or begging to the Supreme. It is to be understood as a channel for connecting through to the Supreme.

This connection has to be invoked voluntarily if at all one aims at awakening all aspects of the body-mind. Prayer is a deep intent for reliance on the Self. This reliance is not of the nature of “dependence” for anything material or support. Prayer is the invocation of the already existent pure spirit to spread its light and intelligence granting immense clarity. When we pray to the Lord, we pray to the personified Self.

This personification of the Supreme is an extremely potent methodology to invoke unprecedented capacities of the spirit. 

How Prayer helps us?

When one interacts with the world, our limited senses, mind and other grosser faculties get tainted with the soot of matter and materialistic emotions. This soot blunts our intelligence and outlook. We become limited in our capabilities with passing time. Our so-called maturity takes a back seat and the power of illusion gets us into taking wrong decisions. Prayer reverses this condition.

How to Pray?

We close our eyes and invoke the Lord. With all straightforwardness and faith, we pray thus “Oh Supreme Lord, Protect me. I surrender unto you and accept my position at your Lotus feet. I act as if I am intelligent but I am the greatest fool. Only you can only guide me and show me the path and take me towards light. Oh Lord Save me, Protect me.”

When such a prayer is rendered in innocence and all humility, pure consciousness rushes to the forth. It spreads itself all-round the prayerful person and rejuvenates him at the thought and emotion level.

Effects of prayer

A moment’s prayer can be as refreshing as taking bath in the cool Himalayan waters or taking bath in the warm geysers in the ice cold mountains. A prayer cannot be mimicked or acted. Prayer has its effect only when the praying person takes an extremely humble and surrendered position.

Meditation is a process of raising consciousness while prayer is the process of invoking pure grace with minimum effort. It is sincerity alone that matters.

When does Prayer work?

Prayers can be most effective when one is trained to be spiritual, right from childhood. A heart that is not prayerful cannot benefit from prayer. Unless there is some sense of acceptance of higher life or faith in the laws of the Supreme, Prayer cannot proceed.

Prayer is an essential aspect of spirituality. Prayer works well with people who are not overtly result oriented. People may have ambitions and goals. But, if there is no dexterity in taking a humble position of surrender, prayer cannot manifest in the heart. Prayer is a measure of one’s spiritual status. A person who constantly prays may not feel the need to meditate.

If meditation is listening to God, Praying is talking to God, sharing with Him, one’s fears, likes and dislikes.

Why do we need to pray?

A person who prays, befriends God simply through the act. The Lord can never be far away from such a person. He is available for help at all times. A man who prays without expectation is a great devotee. Such a person is summoning the Lord, inviting Him to be one’s friend. Just as we need friends to share joyful moments, a prayerful man has the Lord beside him at all times.

Benefits of Praying everyday

A prayerful person can never be tormented by stress and modern day ailments. A man who prays is well even if he is bodily sick. The mind of a prayerful man is always lit with the joy of the Lord. Just by praying with all of one’s heart one can unravel the mystery of nature. As we communicate with the Lord, the simple things of our heart, the Lord starts reciprocating with us. He too transmits the secrets of the universe unto the heart of his prayerful friend.

Just as you share your deepest human secrets with Him, He shares His greatest secrets with you. The secrets of the Universe is just a small part of which. This is the power of prayer.

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3 thoughts on “What is the Power of Sincere Prayer?

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  1. I like this definition. If meditating is listening to God, prayer istalking to God.

    I just recently learned how to pray properly. This is the tragedy of life, we get mislead for so long and only find the many hidden truths when we break out of the pack and start asking the right questions. In a quest of finding our own truths when we awaken and realise that we have been living other people’s truths.

    I learnt that prayer is not asking but communing and it’s done at the emotional level. Because there is a language that God understands and its the language of emotion. When we emote our feelings they become. This following that everything is energy and emotion is energy in motion.

    Then there is illusions. As you’ve mentioned the consciousness creates the mind, body and ego which gets lost in soot that then blinds us and finding our way is through finding the purity hidden within that we keep hiding with our materialistic layers we build with the intent to create material security.

    I discovered we have become lost in religion connecting religion with prayer instead of spirituality with prayer as you’ve mentioned. In my country and culture. Many believe being spiritual is connecting with evil forces and turning away from God who is in religion. You become a rebel when you start meditating and become conscious of your consciousness.

    Do you think religion is a distraction to distance us from spirituality and God?

    A very good and insightful post. Thanks

    1. I am touched by your deep reply. Its hard to find people who really think deeply about life and life process. It is we who have labelled religion and counted it separate from spirituality. Its my faith that religion and spirituality are one. They become different only when religion takes a dogmatic turn and there seems to be a definite divide between religion and spirituality. If religion is practiced with absolute openness and stop turning God into someone who is an autocrat, religion and spirituality are one and the same thing. Our “faith” has to be deep enough so that you are not forced into belief. The other thing that separates religion and spirituality is when you preach without no direct experience. What you talk and do not practice has got bucketed into today’s religion. That is a major factor which has caused the divide. Otherwise why should religion and spirituality be different? If you have faith in Christ and I have faith in Krishna, why should they be considered different? After all both of them are “Pure Brahman” in action. One can sacrifice one’s life for humanity only if purity and sacrifice is to the maximum. Is he not an ideal? In India nobody distinguishes between Guru and the Lord baring a few fundamental differences. I may consider Christ as a World Guru and you may consider him God, where is the difference? Sanatana Dharma may have definitions but that does not bring down the value of Guru to the level of ordinary mortals. There is a sense of unity in everything depending on the level of incisive clarity that a being has developed after many lifetimes.

      1. I agree with you. Yes there is unity in everything and we are the ones who create the differentiation in part from our limited understanding. Also the contention in spirituality being different from religion might be influenced by the same limited understanding and our own defining of the word. I like the examples you’ve shared and the good explanation. Thank you.

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