December 2020

Purpose of Rituals

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11 | Lord Krishna leaving Earth | Purpose of Rituals

The path of supplication to the Supreme Lord is regarded as the highest form of sadhana by the scriptures especially the Srimad Bhagavatham. This method of surrendering to the Lord is in accordance with the Scriptures dedicated to the Path of Bhakti. A devotee spends his time discussing the mood and pastimes of the Lord and does not wrestle or fight Maya. She stands defeated even in the presence of the devotees and that is the superiority of the Bhakti Path. Rituals become important only as long as an individual does it with love in his heart with the intention of initiating a transformation in his heart. This is the secret behind all rituals of the religious kind.

King Janaka in Ramayana

Characteristics of King Dasharath and Bhakti Yoga | King Janaka in Ramayana

Understanding a scripture on face value is not sufficient. Vedic Scriptures encourage us to look deeper into the anecdotes that they have documented and urge the seeker to deliberate on them through applied knowledge. Only then can the works serve to take the seeker deeper into the inner realms of consciousness. It is important for the students of the Ramayana to understand the larger context of the various characters that appear in this great legend.

Love and Compassion for Humanity

Why you should not donate to nonprofit organization? | Love and Compassion for Humanity

Our mind and senses usually cheat us. That is how they function. It is important that an outsider does not take advantage of our senses. Corporates trick us through engaging ads and invoke idealistic emotions like Care, Love and Compassion. Art and Creativity have been enhanced through technology. If we are not careful, we may donate for a cause that is simulated and not real. Are we even sure of how our donations are being used?

Commercialization of Spirituality

Commercialization of Spirituality | What is spiritual materialism?

Spirituality is not a casual escape mechanism. Spirituality is the power to recognize, accept and respond to Truth. It is nothing other than what is stated here. Discovering Truth has become difficult here because we have been living in hope and all hopes are fundamentally based out of falsity or falsehood. So how can an entity seek Truth in the future where his fundamental premise is based out of utter falsehood. We need to look into this point a little deeper.

Self-awareness and Personal Development

Consciousness Psychology | Self-awareness and Personal Development

Our identification with people, things, emotions and thought ans circumstances has created a false self of me and mine. When our fundamental identification mechanism itself is faulty, how can we even begin the process of any improvement, if at all we desire to attain perfection in this life. When we are able to create a gap, a separation between the mind and our subjective self, all possibilities of error simply drop off. As we progress with the separation of the mind from the Self there is a progression in our Self-improvement initiative almost as a reflexive response.