Guru of Prahlad Maharaj | Glories of Narada Muni | Narad muni characteristics | Bhaktamal-03

More than the Lord, the Lord is happy if His devotees praised and sung the glories of His own devotees. The Lord becomes extremely buoyant with such an approach. The path of Bhakti is sweet because it not only covers the glories of the blessed Lord, but also sets an example to aspirants by glorifying the devotees who have followed the path of Bhakti and made their own life extremely successful.

Why do we praise and worship God in Sanatana Dharma | Hari Vamsa-03

Other than the Supreme Lord, there is nobody worth praising. Only praising the Lord and glorifying the Lord, is the representation of Truth, the whole Truth. Otherwise all that we do all our lives is gossip and speculation, which represents falsity and fakery. Hence it is important to accept Truth, through the process of Bhakti and only praise the Supreme Being.

Bhakti yoga Superiority | Goal of Bhakti Yoga | Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-06

It is to be understood, that among the Shastra, there are three types the Satvika, Rajasik and Tamasik Shastra. The Satvik Shastra is considered topmost and dedicates itself to the most subtle refinement of elevated God-consciousness. It is the ultimate proclamation of the Satvik Shastra that Bhakti is the Topmost form of Sadhana. Even a full blown Jnani has to finally adopt Bhakti, if he is to relieve himself from the last morsel of material consciousness.

Greatness of Lord Rama’s Brother Bharat | Belief in the Vedas | Valmiki Ramayan-10

The Ramayana is a spotless epic that highlights the beauty of relationships, raising it to level of the highest spirituality. All material relationships are bound to wilt and fade away. The Ramayana is woven in such a way that all material relationships are transmuted into a direct relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thus raising the standard of relationship and taking it to unassailable levels.

Story of Gandiva- Arjuna’s Bow | What is the Dharma of a Kshatriya? | Yaksha Prashnam-05

The Yaksha Prashnam is such an anecdote that is applicable for all times. The context still remains the same, although the application or treatment of the values may differ according to times. A person committed to his Dharma, may not worry about whether the task is appropriate or inappropriate. Anything done for a larger cause, that is for the welfare of all, without compromising the innate values of sacrifice or well-being, is Dharma, righteousness. Understanding the psyche of a true Kshatriya, is valid even today, although the external manifestation of the Varna Ashrama system may not be that evident.

Story of Narada Muni’s Past Lives | Why was Narada born as a Shudra? | Bhaktamal-02

The past two births of Sage Narada is a beacon of inspiration for people who want to take up Bhakti. It is a matter of utter faith and surrender to our Vedic texts. Matter is never attainable while the spirit is ever attained. However we have forgotten that the spirit, is our original form, transcendental in nature. Trusting the Shastra, if one were to take up a study of sage Narada's life, each one of us has the potency to reach where did, to know about our immortality and stay immortal, for now and forever.

Purpose of Rama Avatar | Glories of Lakshmana- The epitome of service | Valmiki Ramayana-9

Only Shastra, Vedic Scriptures can be the source of perfect, impeccable knowledge. The Shastra recommends the right solutions to man's everyday problem, irrespective of whether the man is ancient, of the near past, the present or of the distant future. Shastra is applicable at all times and is not restricted by time, place and circumstance. The Ramayana is such a Vedic scripture. It is replete with examples , where it establishes without doubt, why man is unhappy. Applying the Vedic teachings intelligently, is probably the only hope for the modern man.

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