February 2021

signs of negative person

3 Signs of a Negative Person

Negative people have behavioral defects because of low consciousness. He is unstable when compared to other people. They are susceptible to negative vibrations.

Place of Seeta Devi's birth

Place of Seeta Devi’s birth | Ahilya and Satananda |Sri Rama at Seeta Swayamvara | Valmiki Ramayana-15

The exploits of Lord Rama is very interesting. As the Lord travelled with his brother Lakshmana and Sage Vishwamitra, he went by foot from Ayodhya to Mithila. His surrender to his preceptor Vishwamitra and his obedience to him is something that the world lacks today. The current state of the world makes it necessary for sincere living entities to revisit the life and adventures of our great Lord, Sri Rama.

Bhakti Alone can win the Lord's heart

Bhakti Alone can win the Lord’s heart | Shraddha or Surrendered Faith | Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-10

Many scholars and learned men, on the path of spirituality praise the paths of Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga. These paths are even recommended in the Gita, spoken by the Supreme Lord. But in the same Scripture the Lord establishes the purity and superiority of the simple path of Bhakti which is not as elaborate as the paths of Jnana and Karma. The greatness of Bhakti is its simplicity and its power to enslave the Lord. The Lord says that he is happy to be sold out to the living entity who has surrendered to the feet of the Supreme Being. Bhakti starts with the cultivation of surrendered faith.

Role of Women in Varna Ashrama Dharma

Comparing 4 things can end worry | Role of Women in Varna Ashrama Dharma | Yaksha Prashnam-09

The Yaksha Prashnam event in the Mahabharata throws enough light on the granular level duties of man. Abiding by these duties shall slowly elevate man and end his worries. A methodical understanding of the Scriptures is what can solve the problems of man, from its very root. Our mind and intelligence today, is hijacked by western education and western views, which is nothing but a bundle of ignorance. We have to shred this ignorance layer by layer and elevate ourselves to the platform of pure knowledge. The epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata shall prove immensely useful in this regard.