February 2021

Role of Women in Varna Ashrama Dharma

Comparing 4 things can end worry | Role of Women in Varna Ashrama Dharma | Yaksha Prashnam-09

The Yaksha Prashnam event in the Mahabharata throws enough light on the granular level duties of man. Abiding by these duties shall slowly elevate man and end his worries. A methodical understanding of the Scriptures is what can solve the problems of man, from its very root. Our mind and intelligence today, is hijacked by western education and western views, which is nothing but a bundle of ignorance. We have to shred this ignorance layer by layer and elevate ourselves to the platform of pure knowledge. The epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata shall prove immensely useful in this regard.

Sage Shandilya documents the Bhakti Sutra

Sage Shandilya documents the Bhakti Sutra | Lord Rama meets Sage Bharadwaj | Bhaktamal-06

It is important to study the lives of committed devotees, in order to appreciate the great pastimes of the Lord. Listening to the pastimes of the devotees of the Lord, is considered even superior to listening the glories of the Lord. When one faithfully listens to the pastimes of the devotees, the Lord becomes exceedingly satisfied and develops a deep liking towards the listener. Hence it is important to methodically garner knowledge about the great devotees of the Lord.

Gokarna saves Dhundhukari

Gokarna saves Dhundhukari | Glories of Shrimad Bhagavatham |Benefits of listening to Bhagavatham | Srimad Bhagavatham-05

Man is often misguided by his own senses. The ego of man is one of the most powerful factors that delude him, into wrong actions. Only perfect knowledge and surrender to the topmost value system can redeem man and rectify his actions. The Shrimad Bhagavatham is the perfect scripture that highlights the deficiencies of man and his self-centered actions. It is the very body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Adhering to this one scripture alone, man can transcend all the modes of material nature at once.

Nanda Baba’s love for Cows | Krishna teaches Yoga to his Friends | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 8

Nanda Baba’s Love for Cows

We children keep dirtying Baba’s clean clothes with the dust and cow dung accumulated on our bodies. Even Cows and calves can lean on him as they like.

Bhageeratha brings down Devi Ganga

Bhageeratha brings down Devi Ganga | Story of Parshurama and Vishwamitra |Vishwamitra proceeds to Mithila | Valmiki Ramayana-14

The Ramayana envelops within us many other anecdotes that appear in different Puranas. The purpose of these anecdotes is to awaken great lessons of life within humans so that they conduct their lives with intelligence and discipline. Dharma is the basis of life and our final goal can only be reached, following the path of Dharma. The path of the Supreme Lord is lit with the flood-lights of right conduct and right living. If anyone is ignorant towards this central conception of right living, such a person is a deemed fool.