February 2021

Rukmini love for Krishna

Rukmini love for Krishna | Sadhana Siddha and Nitya-Siddha meaning | Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-08

It is to be understood that the Shandilya Bhakti Sutra is meant for people who want to solely pursue the path of Bhakti to the exclusion of all other paths. Dry Jnana and Vairagya have no place if Bhakti is not the primary driver within spiritual practice. The work exhorts the necessity for Jnana and Vairagya to be solely subservient to Bhakti. Only when these three aspects are well-intentioned, keeping Bhakti as the goal as well as the means, can sadhana of any sort bear fruit.

Rig Yajur Sama Atharva Vedas in Yagya

Why does Rama kill Vali? | Rig Yajur Sama Atharva Vedas in Yagya | Yaksha Prashnam-07

The Yaksha Prashnam series highlights small aspects within one’s life that are useful for one to perform Dharma as well as to attract the immense grace of the Lord. Modern man is harassed by innumerable problems. Man does not have a clue about why he is suffering, only thing is that one sorrow follows other just like a bogie follows another, in case of a goods train. By scientifically understanding Dharma one can easily weed out all causes of suffering from material life altogether.

Truth about Spiritual Motivational Speakers

Lord Krishna’s Love for his Devotees | Truth about Spiritual Motivational Speakers |Hari Vamsa-04

Hari Vamsha enlists the spotless character and demeanour of the Supreme Being. It describes the characteristics of the Lord and tries to elaborate on how he can be attained or reached, by contemplating upon His endless qualities, although it appears impossible to reach him. The Hari Vamsha records the various pastimes of the Lord in such a way as to attract each and every living entity to Him so that one is included into the fold of the Lord.