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How a Karma Yogi should perform Karma? | The Importance of Surrender | Ahankar Ke Roop- Part 5 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

How a Karma Yogi should perform Karma?

There is a sutra in the Ramcharitamanas that defines the surrender process of Sage Vishwamitra. After Tadka Vadh, when Sage Vishwamitra recognized Sri rama as Bhagavan, Tulsidasji writes- तब रिषि निज नाथहि जियँ चीन्ही |

Story of Lord Parashuram

Sage Parshurama surrenders unto Sri Rama

The third skilled personality of that time was Parshurama. His case was the most complicated. The world’s best warrior Parshurama barged into Janaka’s palace where he was received by Vishwamitraji.

Janaka and Parshurama comparison | Rama wins the Sita Svayamvara | Ahankar Ke Roop- Part 3 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

King Janaka and Sage Parshurama comparison

In sage Vishwamitra’s case, through the episode of Tadaka Vadh Vishwamitra surrendered unto Shri Rama. But in King Janaka’s case, his mode of surrender differs from that of Sage Vishwamitra. The Breaking of Shiva Dhanush was King Janaka’s stake.

Vibhishana meets Sri Rama | Sri Rama sends Sugriva to fight Vali | Sugriva aur Vibhishana- Part 4 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Sugriva doubts the Power of Sri Rama

What to speak of Sugriva? He is so peculiar that even after Bhagavan himself comes to him for his friendship, he doubts His powers. So Sugriva decided to test Bhagavan. He said that Sri Rama must prove his supremacy to convince him.

Friendship between Lord Rama and Sugriva | Lord Rama angry with Sugriva | Sugriva aur Vibhishana- Part 3 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Lord Rama and Sugriva’s friendship

Hanumanji tells Sri Rama to follow him to Sugriva’s place since it is a physician who meets a patient. Hanumanji presents a logic before Shri Rama. He says “if Sugriva had the power of Sadhana, I wouldn’t’ have requested you to come. But Sugriva is a jeeva who has no strength of Sadhana, he is utterly incapable, you have to be merciful upon the soul and personally come to assuage his misery.

Garuda and Nagas

How were the Maruts born? | Story of Garuda and Naagas | Hari Vamsa-10

In one fight that broke between the Devatas and Asuras, Devi Aditi approached her husband Kashypa and asked her to bless her sons, Indra and other Devatas with victory. Overpowered by dissatisfaction that came about by the defeat of the Asuras in major battles that ensued between the two parties, she sought a boon of bearing powerful sons from her husband.

Ravana's penance | Story of Sugriva and Bali | Sugriva aur Vibhishana- Part 2 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Ravana pleases Lord Brahma

When Surpanakha relates the entire tale of how Rama singlehandedly finished the 14-000 demons who accompanied her, Ravana wondered who could perform this exceptional feat. After great thought, he concluded that- तिन्हहि को मारई बिनु भगवन्ता | It is none other than Bhagavan who has done this.