March 2021

Ravana- Attachment for body | The previous life of Ravana | Sugriva aur Vibhishana- Part 1 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Ravana’s attachment for the body

Many times spiritual aspirants feel that god realization requires special qualifications. If we lack a special virtue, we are ineligible for spiritual pursuits. This thought process is negated when you study the lives of Sugriva and Vibhishana. The lives of Sugriva and Vibhishana are full of differences. Yet they attain Bhagavan.

Vishwamitra takes Rama and Lakshmana for Tadka Vadh| The Journey of surrender unto Sri Rama | Ahankar Ke Roop- Part 2 | Ram Kinkar Upadhyay

Vishwamitra takes Rama and Lakshmana for Tadka Vadh

If we see the life-sketch of Rama as a mere historical saga, then Rama will remain an outsider for us. But Tulsidaji along with the vision wants us to use a mirror as well. Because it is the mirror alone that can introduce us to our original self.