3 Incredible Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk

Cow's milk

Why Cow’s Milk? An old tale- Cow’s Love for her master

Our Vedic Scriptures have put cows on a high pedestal.

Olden days stories’ communicated cows’ love for her master.

Just like a mother, a cow produces milk for the entire family.

In turn, the master provides her with sweetgrass to cud on.

This was the transaction of love.


When the master would fall sick, the concerned cow could immediately feel the low vibes enveloping the house.

So, when she was left to graze, she would consume medicinal herbs, so that their medicinal properties mix in her milk.

Soon after drinking that medicinal milk, the sick master is magically restored to health.

In short, cow is an extremely sensitive and wise animal.

She cares for people who care for her, just like a family member.

More than an animal, cows were considered to be an auspicious part of every family, in the olden days.

Ayurveda on Cow’s Milk

Ayurveda recommends cow’s milk for almost, all its treatments.

Indeed, it is nectar.

It says: “Rasayana” which means nectar-like, sweet, life-giving, and energizing.

Cow’s milk proves to be the best medicine for the diseased and a sumptuous treat for the healthy folks.

A man suffering from ‘pitam’ or excess production of bile consumes milk to cure it.

But the same man once cured can feast on milk in the form of sweets, chocolates, and other delicacies!

Cow’s milk has all the nutritional properties required to cure a patient as well as

It has proven to increase metabolic rates in people.

Cow’s milk is Aphrodisiac, helping build a stronger reproductive system in both males and females.

It strengthens the bones and helps loose excess weight.

Top 3 Benefits of Cow’s Milk

1) Children who suffer from malnutrition, if consistently fed with cow’s milk can regain their nutritional requirements over a period of time.

2) Mothers suffering from lactation insufficiency seek cow’s milk because it is the most suitable supplement for mother’s milk.

Scientific research has proved that cow’s milk has all the necessary micro and macronutrients required to promote child’s growth.

Soy, almond, goat, buffalo or any other domestic animal milk cannot equate the benefits of cow’s milk.

In spiritual parlance, cows hold a sacred significance.

Hence, cow’s milk has satvik properties.

They are most suitable for infants and people across all age groups.

It is similar to mother’s milk and requires the least filtration.

It is safe for children to consume.

On the other hand, buffalo’s milk has excess fats which can be life-threatening for infants as their digestive tracts are yet to mature.

The high fats can cause chest congestion in children as well as people above 70 years.

Due, to the exceptional properties of cow’s milk, people call her ‘Gow-mata’ or ‘mother cow’.

As infants, we sucked milk from our mothers.

But, as time progressed, cows held the position of a mother.

Benefits of Panchagavya – A blessing to mankind

3) Panchagavya: Cow products offer various magical benefits for the internal body system as well as for external, bodily beautification.

Panchagavya is an extraordinary solution made up of 3 directly available cow products (milk, cow’s urine, cow dung,) plus 2 products derived from cow’s milk that are (curds and ghee).

So, a mixture of these 5 cow products creates Panchagavya.

It has benefitted many people with it being an organic body cleanser that sweeps toxic substances from the digestive tracts.

Also, It strengthens immunity.

As a result, it nourishes skin and hair adding to the beauty of the person.

Vedas Call Cow’s milk Soma

The Gow mutra alone has innumerable benefits.

The benefits multiply when consumed with other exceptional cow products!

Panchagavya plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the brain, nerves, and other body parts.

In a nutshell, cow milk has got all the medicinal properties required for a man to live a healthy life.

For this reason, Vedic Scriptures address Cow’s milk as Soma or nectar.

Kamadhenu Worship

Worshipping Kamadhenu blesses women with fertility.

If inflicted by fertility issues, by worshipping Kaamadhenu, the problem subsides.

Also, it gifts one with health and increases intelligence in children.

Deficiencies like malnutrition, poverty, and health issues get controlled and eventually get uprooted from the system.

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