3 Interesting Lord Rama Childhood Stories

childhood pastimes of sri rama

Shri Rama would perform unique pastimes in Ayodhya and bring joy to his devotees.

#Story 1: Baby Rama plays with Kakabhushundi

Kakabhushundi was a great devotee of Shri Rama.

Hence, during Shri Rama’s earthly incarnation, he would loiter around baby Rama in King Dasharatha’s jeweled courtyard.

Glancing at Shri Rama’s infancy he would partake his sweet remnants and feel blessed.

Kakabhushundi instructs garuda

Kakabhushundi is the greatest acharya of Shri Rama katha. 

In fact, he advised the greatest of Vishnu Bhaktas, Garuda.

Once, Garuda doubted Sri Rama on seeing him bound by the Serpent weapon.

Hence, Kakabhushundi guided Garuda.

Kakabhushundi’s previous birth

In his previous birth, Kakabhushundi was a great Shiva Bhakta.

Once,  he was chanting in the Shiva temple

Suddenly his guru arrived.

However in his arrogance, he looked upon his spiritual master with disdain.

Being a great devotee, his spiritual master forgave his indolence.

However Lord shiva angrily cursed Kakabhushundi to take birth as a serpent.

Finally, on his guru’s insistence, the lord said-

“You shall remember your previous birth and finally attain Rama bhakti.’

Thus lord shiva granted him the greatest elixir in the guise of a curse.

Kakabhushundi debates with Rishi Lomesh

In one birth Kakabhashundi was born as a brahmin.

However, on arguing with Sage lomesh, he appeared in the crow species.

Later, by the sage’s grace, he got two benedictions-

1) Adoring Shri Rama’s childhood

2) Boon of wishful death.

Kakabhushundi sees Baby Rama

Likewise, Kakabhushundi kept loitering around Shri Rama’s chambers to taste his sweet remnants.

Besides, Sri Rama held a malpua sweet in his hands.

Immediately, he expanded his sweetened hand towards Kakabhushundi. 

As kakabhushundi moved forward to peck the sweet, shri rama pulled his hand.

Simultaneously, he tried catching the bird with his other hand.

Again, Kakabhushundi pulled back to evade his grasp.

Rama catches Kakabhushundi

This pastime went on for a while.

Likewise, the lord’s pastimes entertain even lord Brahma and Shiva.

Then what to speak of the common man?

Finally even a great devotee like Kakabhushundi fell prey to the lord’s gimmicks.

He thought “The lord whom I worship as the universal master struggles to catch me, an insignificant soul”

Immediately, Lord Rama extended his tiny hand toward him.

To evade his grasp, Kakabushundi flew with all his might penetrating the seven universal sheaths and the three worlds.

However, the lord’s hand kept following him.

Finally, Kakaabushundi sat totally exhausted.

Then Shri Rama gulped him.

In his stomach, Kakabhushundi saw the entire cosmic creation.

Countless suns, moons, Shivas, Brahmas resided in the lord’s stomach.

Moreover, he even saw unimaginable and bizarre spectacles.

Eventually, the lord vomited him out of his mouth.

Now, he only saw baby rama holding a malpua in his hands and smiling sweetly at him.

This is how all of Kakabhushundi’s doubts vanished.

#Story 2: Mother Kausalya feeds Baby Rama

King Dasharata’s jeweled courtyard has become the centre of baby Rama’s enchanting pastimes.

The laughter of the four princes steal the hearts of all.

Moreover, the devas reside in ayodhya in their subtle bodies to witness Shri Rama’s childhood exploits.

Even the bliss of the formless seems insignificant before Shri Rama’s naughty pranks.

Description of Sri Rama

Today morning Kausalya Ma had done elaborate shringar for Shri Rama.

Sri Rama’s body is like a blue lotus.

From head to toe he is extremely handsome.

Beautiful anklets adorn his feet.

On his waist he wears a jewelled waist belt.

He wears beautiful bracelets on his wrists.

The Bhrighu mark adorns his chest.

A beautiful necklace and gunjamala shines on his neck.

Shri rama’s teeth, lips and chin are extremely appealing.  Marks of Sandalwood and kajal adorn his forehead.

Shri Rama is innately serious and joy-proving to his devotees.

A tiny bow adorns his hands.

Kaushalya ma’s love for Sri Rama

Mother Kausalya has already adorned her son.

She now wants to call him near for his breakfast.

Currently, she holds a small piece of Pua in her hands.

Repeatedly, she stretches her hand and requests

Shri rama- “Lala, quickly come here and sit.

See. today I have prepared such a delicious breakfast for you.

After breakfast, you may peacefully go and play outside with your brothers and friends. See how impatiently they are waiting for you.”

But now shri rama wants to trouble his mother with his naughty pranks.

Which is why he ignores her repeated calls.

Instead of coming to her, he goes running outside, runs to his father’s chambers or towards his brothers. Sometimes he also goes running to his mother.

As soon as ma comes to feed him, he runs away from her and mischievously smiles at her.

Ma said- “Lala, If you keep troubling like this, then how will I do my other household work?

Now, I have to bathe and worship our ishta devata also.

I have to offer bhoga.

Good children don’t act fussy.

They obey their elders.

Now stop your mischief and eat breakfast.

If still you disobey me, I shall not speak with you.

I will neither take you on my lap nor sing a lullaby for you.”

Lord Rama listens

As it is, the lord nourishes his devotees.

In fact, He incarnates only to fulfil their desires. This is the main objective of his pastimes.

He simply wants his devotee to completely surrender unto him.

Then the lord has nothing to hide from him.

Now what, Shri rama very lovingly sat next to his mother and with his innocent smile mesmerized her as he ate each morsel.

#Story 3: Shri Rama plays with friends

Bharata and mother Kauslaya

Once Lord Bharata visited mother Kausalya’s palace.

After venerating Kausalya ma, he touched Shri Rama’s feet.

Kausalya ma blessed him.

Thereafter, Shri rama gave him a warm hug and asked about his well-being.

Bharat folded his hands and said-

“Oh, blissful one! Now come to play with us.

You dear friends and numerous children are awaiting your presence near the royal gates.

Be merciful by giving them your darshan

On hearing Bharata’s humble appeal, Sri Rama stood up at once.

An extremely sweet-looking bow adrons his tiny hands.

His large eyes and long hands look heavenly. 

Shri Rama goes to play

Now when shri rama exits his palace with his friend circle, won’t the ayodhya vasis feast their eyes over his beauteous form.

The women of Ayodhya continually drink his beauty through their windows.

Moreover, they shower flowers on him.

Similarity between the four princes

Actually, Bharata is Sri Rama’s look alike.

Often, people get confused between the two.

Here, even Shri Lakshmana and Shatrughna share the same traits.

The four brothers, holding a bow in their hands, wearing a pitambari cloth, tightening a quicker on their waists walk majestically.

Studded ornaments dazzle on their bodies.

Lord Rama plays with his friends in the lanes, streets, markets and gardens of Ayodhya.

He fills his devotees with love for him.

The devas say- “The Ayodhyawasis are immensely fortunate.

Sages burn themselves in the fire of austieries to get a single glance of the form.

That very lord has personally come to bless them in the royal streets of Ayodhya.

Blessed are the inhabitants of Ayodhya.

It seems that the piety of countless lifetimes has borne fruit today.

Even enlightened seers revere Dasharatha-Kausalya.

Kausalya Nandan shri rama, entertains his friends and audience with his unique playing style.

Through his play ,he brings joy to his people.

When shri rama ventures out on the royal streets, men-women, young-old, all forget their chores and watch him one-pointedly.

Lord Rama’s Nature

Shri Rama is loving with his juniors and obedient to his elders.

Besides, he speaks so sweetly that whoever hears him talk, shall become his forever.

While playing Shri Rama constantly tries to entertain his friends and brothers.

Blessed are the men-women of Ayodhya who behold such sweet pastimes.

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