4 Interesting Krishna Childhood Stories

lord krishna childhood stories

#Story 1: Krishna’s moon demand

Once, mother Yashoda was discussing baby Krishna’s childhood pastimes with her gopi friends.

Suddenly. Krishna surprised his mother from behind and removed her veil.

Then with his small-tiny hands he pulled her pigtail.

Krishna said- “Ma, I will take it”

When Maiya couldn’t understand his words, she took him on her lap and asked most lovingly-

“Lala, What do you want?

Tell me clearly. Milk, curds, butter, sweet, whatever you ask you shall get.”

Krishna said- “It is not a house article.”

Now he pointed at the moon with his finger and said-

“I want that.”

The gopis exclaimed-

“Oh my! Is it some butter ball?

Child, how will we fulfill your demand?

It is a sweet-looking swan that swims in the heavenly pond.

Yet Krishna said-

“Even I am asking that only for my playing.

Be quick.

Before it goes away, get it for me”

Mother Yashoda’s theory

Now, Yashoda lovingly placed Krishna on her lap and said-

“Kanhaiya, it is neither a swan nor the moon.

It is a ball of butter.

But child, it is not fit for your consumption.

See, it has black poison all over.

Which is why no one eats it.”

Then Shri Krisha curiously enquired- “Maiya! Maiya! How did poison come?””

Now, Yashoda Maiya began with her story-telling.

She said- Lala! Once, there was a ksheer sagar”

Krishna- “How is that, Maiya?”

Yashoda- “Child, You see this milk, it is one such ocean.

Krishna- “Maiya! How many cows contributed to this ocean?”

Yashoda- “It is not cow milk”

Krishna- “Maiya! You are lying. How can there be milk without cows?”

Yashoda- “The god who made cows can make milk even without cows.”

Krishna- “Ok fine, go on.”

The battle between Devas and Asuras

Yashoda- “Once, there was a fierce battle between the devas and asuras.

Unfortunately, the asuras were powerful, so they defeated the gods. Therefore, to make the gods immortal, the lord allowed the churning of Ksheersagar.

Thereafter, the Mandarachal became the mortar while the Vasuki serpent was used as the rope.

Now, the devas and asuras pulled both the ends of the snake.”

Krishna- “Just like the gopis churn the milk.”

Yashoda- “Yes Child! Suddenly a poison called Kalakuta appeared.”

Shri Krishna- “Ma! Poison is found in snakes. How did it come from milk?”
Yashoda- “Child, Lord Shiva drank that poison.

Consequently, snakes drank the drops that fell on the earth. Hence they became poisonous.

Now, mother Yashoda pointed towards the moon and said-

“This butter has also come from there.

Hence, it also has some poison in it. So, now you eat home butter.

Don’t even think of eating this butter.

Meanwhile, little Krishna drowsed off listening to the story.

Thus, he forgot his moon-craving.

#Story 2: Baby Krishna steals the Shaligrama

Shri Krishna’s presence drowned the Brajavasis in an ocean of bliss

What to speak of Nanda baba’s fortune?  Even great mystics envy him. Well, how can anyone gauge the fortune of Nanda Baba, the father of the lord himself.

Nanda baba and Krishna

One day, Nanda baba devoutly entered his prayer hall to worship lord Shaligram.

Eventually, even Krishna secretly followed him.

Here, Nanda baba worshiped Shaligram, gave him a bath, applied chandan, offered flowers, adorned him with beautiful clothes and jewelry and then offered Bhoga.

Finally, he sang a beautiful arati.

Thereafter, he closed his eyes and prayed to the lord-

“Deenanath, Kanhaiya’s cute face and sweet smile has done some magic on me.

Whenever I sit to meditate on you, I see Kanhaiya everywhere.

In fact, I can’t think of anything else but him.

Sitting, standing, walking, everything is Krishna maya.

I feel I’m losing my inclination in worship.

So, oh lord, If I have erred somewhere, kindly forgive me.”

Saying this, Nanda baba repeatedly offered Dandavat to the lord.

nanda baba

Then he sat rapt in meditation closing his eyes.

Gopal troubles Nanda baba

Now, little gopal sees Nanda baba’s worship from a distance.

On seeing Nanda baba shutting his eyes, he made a plan.

He slowly entered the room without disturbing his baba

For some time, he kept watching Nanda baba.

Then he lifted Thakurjis throne and put it into his mouth.

He then swiftly went to his original position and silently lay down.

Nanda baba astonished

On opening his eyes, nanda baba saw the throne missing.

He thought- 

“Just now I had worshipped Shaligram and placed him on the throne.

Where is he now?

In fright Nanda Baba screamed-

“Nandarani! Nandarani!

Where are you?

Come fast, today something wonderful has happened.

I was just worshipping Shaligram.

Don’t know where he has disappeared.

Hope you haven’t taken him.”

Suddenly, he saw his little Krishna smiling sweetly with Shaligram Ji in his mouth.

He reprimanded Krishna and said-

“Natkhat, You have put Thakurji in your mouth!

What do you know about Lord Shaligram?

He is my lord.

You have insulted him by putting him into your mouth.

Come stand up.

Quickly hand him over to me.

Now, bow down to him and seek forgiveness.”

Accordingly Krishna obeyed his baba.

Glories to the pastimes of the curious lord.

#Story 3: The reflection problem

One day Krishna thought of a new plan.

In fact, Lord Krishna’s everyday routine was to excite his mother with fresh-new pastimes.

By the way, in their previous birth, Nanda baba and Yashoda maiya had asked the lord to fulfill their parental desire.

So, how could the lord disappoint them?

Hence, his daily endeavor was to please his parents by his childish pranks.

Krishna sees his reflection

Once, Krishna was playing in the jeweled courtyard of Nanda Maharaj.

Suddenly, he saw his reflection, which kept following him.

When he laughed, his reflection would laugh, when he walked, his reflection would walk.

Hence, Krishna grew extremely pleased.

He thought-

“Come on! I have found a new friend. Usually, I am bored of playing all alone at home. Now, he shall entertain me every day.”

Thereafter Little Krishna told his reflection-

“Bhaiya, Where do you stay?

Come! Let us both become friends. When I eat butter, I shall feed you also.

Besides, Dau Bhaiya is older to me, so he fights with me.

But, you don’t do that.

We shall stay with great love- see here we have everything.

In fact, you can have all the makhan mishri you want from Maiya.

So, Come! Let us both hug each other to strengthen our friendship.

Saying this, Krishna would repeatedly try to catch his reflection.

He would keep struggling, but would never succeed.

Krishna’s reasoning

Finally tired and disappointed, Krishna grew sad.

Now even his reflection appears sad.

On seeing her son’s gloomy face, Yashoda maiya came near.

She carefully looked at Kanhaiya.

Krishna’s eyes were full of tears.

Holding her veil, he began to sob inconsolably.

Ma enquired-


What is the matter?

Why are you crying?”

Now, Krishna pointed at his reflection and changed the topic-

He said- “Maiya! Maiya!

Who is he?

This greedy boy has entered our house to steal your butter.

I stopped him so many times, but he doesn’t listen.

When I get angry even he gets angry.

Maiya! Come, let us both drive him out of our house, otherwise he shall eat all your butter.”

Maiya was spellbound to see Krishna’s innocence.

Now she wiped his tears and lovingly took him on her lap.

#Story 4: A new means of having butter

One day, Maiya Yashoda was extracting butter.

Suddenly, Krishna Balaram came near her.

Now, Krishna held his mother’s pigtail while Balaram held her pearl necklace.

Conversely, both are trying to pull Maiya to their side.

Balaram says- Ma, first you listen to me!

However, Krishna says- “No, ma first you must listen to me!

Maiya, I am dying of hunger.

Come, quickly serve some Makhan roti.

See how tired I am after playing.

After eating makhan roti I want to quickly go to bed.”

Mother Yashoda said-

“Child, Drink milk or eat the different delicacies I have made for you.”

Krishna retorted-

“No, I will only eat butter.

I don’t like the other dishes.

Till you don’t give me butter, I will keep pulling your hair.”

Ma said-

“Kanha, If you eat butter, then your small pigtail will be as it is. It shall never grow.

Baby Krishna argues with mother Yashoda

Krishna said- “Ma, You never stop Dau Bhaiya, you give him Makhan roti whenever he asks.

Why are you neglecting me?”

Maiya said-

“Kanha! See, before I used to not give Dau makhan roti to Dau, he would drink milk.

That is why I see how nice his hair is.

So, if you drink milk, even your hair shall become nice and long.

Go, my son!

Good children don’t cry.

Go and drink Padamgandha cow’s milk.”

Krishna said-

“Ma! You are lying, how many times I drink milk, but my hair has not grown.

Today your excuses won’t work.

You must give me makhan roti.”

Maiya said-


Dau has grown up now.

He has drunk milk for more days than you.

Which is why his hair has grown. If you follow him, even your hair shall grow.

Krishna said-

“Maiya, Now, I won’t listen to you.

Tell me clearly, will you give me Mahan roti or not.

If you don’t then form henceforth I shall neither speak to you nor come on your lap.

Now Dau is your only son.

How am I related to you?”
Mother Yashoda said-

“Kanha! You are my life after all.

You are my sweet-heart.

How can I ever stay without you?

My sweet little child!

Wait a minute, you are terribly hungry, aren’t you. 

Let me extract the butter.

Then you can eat as much as you like.

Now smile.”

Likewise, Yashoda Maiya’s voice was choked with motherly love.

Tears of love rolled down her cheeks.

Truly, Yashoda Maiya is blessed.

The sustainer of the three worlds argues with her.

Who can be more fortunate than Yashoda Maiya.

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