Why Modern-Day Success not Worth it?

Wealth, House and Success

What does Success mean to You?

This topic is perhaps the most trending topic on the internet and perhaps the most sought after topic as teenagers enter into youth.

Even as man enters family life he seeks that elusive formula that shall make him settled once and for all. He tries to do well in his job, after which he shall not hanker or worry about life. Every common man is looking for that security and money that shall make him feel successful.

1.Some people believe in proving their greatness to others by flaunting their position, possessions, house, car, wealth, relationships as Success

This tendency gets a platform through social media these days. Initially it was rather strenuous as one would have to visit the other’s house and have to speak about oneself. But now, this tendency has become so invasive that it flashes right on our phones with every notification we receive. So, this definition of success is derived not by fulfilment but by igniting envy in the other person.

People go to the extent of claiming things which don’t belong to them. People pose in front of others’ cars just to show that they own that car. Even if they didn’t mean that, unconsciously, their tendency to make others envious drove them to take that photo.

Some people put their old holiday photos where they are chilling abroad or are visiting some palatial restaurant. There is nothing wrong in that. But, the very environment on social media has turned toxic. It has been limited to image building.

These experiences are very common for those people who have a social circle and who depend on social media to judge themselves. Social media is a beautiful world, if at all we know our goal. If we use it to learn we get to learn. But, if we use it to interact, most times it spews venom.

2. Many people consider that only a specific position in society, or becoming a CEO of a reputed company or chairman of a particular organization can be called Success.

This definition is extremely common in the cities, but is also penetrating in the villages. Children and parents are subjected to a heavy amount of brainwash through advertisements intended to increase greed in people, which in turn translates as sales. We must be conscious of these marketing gimmicks and try to keep our ambitions under check. This level of success is more to do with a larger society and more professional outlook.

The definition of Success may be different for different people. As many people, so many definitions. Having said that, there is no mold of success that fits all.

3.Some people consider inner growth and maturity as success.

Some people define their success with the ageing process and physical appearance. Parameters like beauty, weight, height, attraction and recognition in gatherings become their point of reference. Such people are driven by gross manifestations and gestures which hints more towards seeking attention from others.

If we look deeper at this tendency in people, we realize that there is a huge amount of dissatisfaction with oneself. There is a lack of self-confidence due to adopting modern-day definitions of success. They rely on other people’s judgement. But, little do they realize that others’ form judgment based on their sets of likes and dislikes. They differ hugely on the basis of upbringing. Hence, the opinions of one person differs from the opinions of others’ about us. This disparity simply increases our doubt on ourselves. We fail to understand our reality and keep seeking

4.A small section of people consider Information and Hight Education as success.

People try acquiring knowledge from books and the internet to feel successful. They keep reading and expanding their information grooves. Some people may call them a walking-talking encyclopedia, or a book worm. These terms used by other to address them itself makes them feel successful.

They feel successful when they are able to answer questions from various fields. Though not in depth, but atleast they knew what was being asked! This is the mentality.

What is common in all these definitions?

However in all these definitions, there is a common thread which seems to qualify as the universal undercurrent for success.

Power, Wealth, position, possession, Knowledge, control, security, relationships, all these can be broadly bucketed as parameters for success.

The common thread that conjoins all these parameters is that all these relate to material success. They relate to the body-mind organism. The fact about success of the body-mind is that it is internally driven. But, a lot of the success also depends on external conditions which are much beyond human control. This is the fundamental aspect of material success.

It is Great to Define Your Success.

The main driver for success depends on your clarity about success.

Now, this requires a little bit of reorientation if at all you are interested in taking 100% control over the factors determining your success. To avoid any conflict between the standards you set for yourself and the ones set by society for you, it is required that one very early in life (probably before one approaches mid-thirties) one defines his/her success loud and clear. This is when one has to, probably, before one approaches one’s mid-thirties, define success loudly and clearly.

It is a very important fact that other than our very spirit, which is “us”, nothing is truly within our reach or control.

We know that nothing is in our control. If we want to succeed in our job, we have to adjust to the ways of our boss. Likewise, we have to dance according to the tunes of our other peers and colleagues to get accepted. We may require to compromise on so many other things like our principles, value systems and most importantly the voice of our soul.

In the end, the money or wealth that we assemble is not born out of our spirit. But, it is built around compromises and leeway that we have been forced to give into, in our pursuit of wealth, security and all other things we thought to be success.

Even if that “success” comes our way, the question is, are we secure about our jobs, businesses, family, relationships etc? Have we got enough wealth? Looking deeper into all these things we have to sadly let out this answer, “NO“. If that is the case what can we define as success?

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Spiritual Success is the Only Success

Well, here is a definition that can be useful, if you agreed to all that discussion we had till now in this article.

Definition: If I am able to completely align with my inner values, conscience, my inner motivations to a direction which can make me completely happy, satisfied and contented, I am successful.

That makes complete sense. Hence, it can be termed as “Spiritual Success” because it differs from the classical definitions of the world. Material success required that you own to get happy. But, spiritual success seeks only alignment in order to feel happy.

Material Success can have many shapes but Spiritual Success is only one. It has the face of joy, contentment and inner fulfillment. The chances of material success is 50-50 but the chances of attaining Spiritual Success is a 100%.

The method towards attaining spiritual success is delineated below.

One has to clearly differentiate between things and situations which makes one happy and sorrowful. The focus must be within and not on external factors that seem to override our inner passion.

At a very early age, we need to decipher as growing adults, as to what makes our heart happy? Major concern and insecurity arises in the job front, related to income.

Ask these questions to get started !

  • What skill can I develop so that I will feel happy?
  • Am I more concerned about my joy and happiness or should I be bogged down by money and insecurity?
  • Can I make this skill work for me so that I can be independent?
  • What study and practice can help me acquire my skill?
  • Should I be bogged down by work and be trapped?
  • Are there mechanisms by which I can stay within my means or have alternate means of employment so that the stress levels can be reduced, so that I can have more time to dedicate for my inner-growth?
  • Am I dedicated to my heart’s passion? If so, how can I develop it and increase satisfaction?
  • Above all, can I reject all the regular ideas of success that the world has been selling to me?

Tips for Spiritual Success

If one is able to answer the above questions with confidence and sincerity, then one is on one’s way towards spiritual success. Spiritual Success is another term that determines freedom from the compulsions of the world market.

When one is able to define success on the basis of a powerful inner system, governed through alignment to Truth and hard work, that can turn out be a fair definition of spiritual success. Spiritual success is based on the ability to define your success without depending on the world. Success is guaranteed if one trains oneself spiritually. This is the first step to break free from all fears and insecurity.

This means that one should not bother about wealth, position, possession, what the world feels about oneself or to be least concerned about what the world expects out of you.

If one is motivated by the spiritual value system, one shall be able to cultivate skills that are in harmony with one’s personality.

One can survive without too much wealth, without too much possessions and without ever so many material attributes. Above all, it is important that one also should be free of all stress. This is the primary leading path towards choosing spiritual success over material success.

If one is able to live an inspired life not dominated by materialistic emotions, spiritual success is more than guaranteed.

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