5 Divine Miracles of Tat Wale Baba

5 miracles of tatwale baba

1) Tat Wale Baba Astonishes the Germans

There were 2 Germans who once visited Sri Tatwale Baba.

They were curious to know from Baba as to what was the hierarchy of the universe.

Tatwale Baba smiled and simply clapped.

Then he outstretched his hands.

What followed next was an unimaginable truth that flabbergasted the audience.

When Tat Wale Baba’s hands were widening, the whole celestial hierarchy and the order of the vast universe simply appeared between the width of his arms.

This terrified the foreigners and they ran away from the place and came down screaming from the mountains of Rishikesh.

They came rolling down from the hut of Baba. 

VINCENT J. DACZYNSKI heard this story second hand from the two Germans and now he was eager to know more about Tat Wale Baba.

Baba’s disciple Shankardasji said, shaking his head in confirmation, “ Yes, Baba was capable of manifesting such great miracles.”

Swami Shankardas Ji Falls Sick

Vincent innocently enquired from Shankardas ji, “ Sir, can you narrate some incidents of miracles that Sri Tatwale Baba performed?”.

With a grim but contemplative expression Sri Shankardasji started narrating.

“Once I was down with sickness. Let me tell you that I have never fallen as sick as I was on that particular day.

I thought I would perish. I had a severe headache.

It felt like spikes drove into my head.”

Shankardas ji clenched his fists against his forehead as he remembered that fateful day.

“My head and body was hot like fire.

I was so sick that I had no strength to lift myself up, even when the urge for passing stool was uncontrollable.

The result was, I soiled myself on the bed.

It was around 4:00 AM. when my eyes suddenly opened, as if I was suddenly jolted.

I saw Sri Tatwale Baba standing right in front of me.

Strangely I saw myself seated in front of Baba, at the edge of this very bed.”

With tears rolling down his cheeks.”

3) Tat Wale Baba Cures Shankardas Ji

Sri Shankar das Ji continued: “My guru put a cup to my forehead.

A white fluid flowed from in-between my eye-brows into the cup.

My guru, Sri Tat Wale Baba, passed the cup to another disciple who was also seen along with him.

He again placed the cup in between my eyebrows.

The fluid started to flow again and filled the cup.

My guru passed on the cup this time to another disciple who stood to my left.

But, I could not see him since my guru alone filled my vision.

Four times, my Guru performed the same act.

Repeatedly 4 times, he passed on the fluid filled cups to different people.

I felt as if the whole load of my karma was being sucked out by Sri Tatwale Baba.

He then stroked my head gently a couple of times.

The next thing I remember seeing was just the back of my Guru, leaving the room.

The astonishing thing was that I saw my Guru easily pass through the door although it was latched on, all throughout.

I wondered as to how my Guru entered and left my room even while the front door of my hut was tightly latched?

Well, it became obvious to me later that yogis of the stature of Sri Tatwale Baba are capable of such siddhis.

This is a siddhi or a miracle.

It was child’s play for my Guru.

Shortly after, I realized that I was completely cured of the disease, without a slightest trace of the sickness.

My body cooled and my headache disappeared. It was gone.

It appeared that I was never sick in the first place.

After that event, I have never been sick ever, till this date.

That miracle happened around August/ September 1974, after which Guruji entered Mahasamadhi.

4) Tat Wale Baba Blesses the Childless Couples

Vincent was getting more and more curious now.

He asked Sri Shankardas ji: “ Are there some more miracles which Tatwale performed?”

“Yes” came the reply from Shakardas ji.

Shankardas ji continued: “ There were three couples who could not bear children.

They performed several austerities to beget children. Alas, all in vain.

Finally, they made up their minds to visit Baba and seek blessings from him.

So, each couple came to see Tat Wale Baba.

From Sri Guru’s blessings each had a child born to them.

One couple was from Punjab, the other from Delhi and the other from Haryana.

This happened over a period of several years.”

There is another incident involved a healing performed by Sri Tatwale Baba.

5) Tat Wale Baba Cures the Candian

There was a Canadian by the name Wilkins.

He was very sick.

The Canadian had read a book about Tatwale Baba.

In that book, one of the illustrations of Sri Tat Wale Baba caught his fascination.

He was now sick and none of the doctors had a solution for his sickness.

So, on one fine day, Wilkins had a dream, a vision about Sri Baba.

He saw in the dream that Baba wore a dress made out of jute.

In the dream, Baba advised him to take some medication as directed.

So, the Canadian did accordingly.

He had no idea about the medication.

He even did not know whether or not it was medication in the first place.

But, he trusted the vision.

He had complete faith, that it was a divine experience wherein Tatwale Baba personally came to cure him of the disease and it could not have been a hallucination.

After taking the medication, his bowels opened up.

As a result, he was purged of the ill contents of his stomach.

Within a day he recovered dramatically to his utter disbelief.

The complete process of recovery took close to a month.”

Wilkins has The Divine Vision of Baba

Sri Shankardas ji continued: “The Canadian went in search of Tat Wale Baba.

Finally, he tracked him to this ashram.

But, sadly it was too late.

The Death of Tatwale Baba, morosed the entire Ashram’s atmosphere.

When Wilkins arrived at the ashram, Tat Wale Baba had already passed away.

However, the Canadian stayed at the Rishikesh Ashram for one month.

He spent time meditating.

During the course of his meditation. Wilkins had a vision of Tat Wale Baba once again, saying that he came too late.

This happened in 1977 or 1978…”

Then, Swami Shankardasji looked into the distance as he refreshed his memory.

He then confirmed, “It was 1977.”

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