5 Forms of Goddess Saraswati- Pancha Vidya

panchavidya saraswati

Why worship the 5 vidyas?

Many people overcome difficulties during Dasa Mahavidya Sadhana.

This is because their mind is still bound by Maya.

Therefore, before taking the 10 Mahavidyas, a sadhaka should first master the pancha vidyas.

In today’s era this knowledge is extremely rare. However today we shall explore this ancient and rare knowledge.

About Panchavidya Saraswati

Pancha vidya is an extremely rare and confidential science. By this, you can easily subdue your senses and control the Pancha bhootas.

Well, Pancha vidyas are the five forms of Mother Saraswati. Following are the goddesses in hierarchy-

1) Devi Bharati

Symbolism- Patriotism

Nature- Affectionate

Senses- Tongue and Skin

CHakra- Manika Nerve- Junction between the 

Other Names- Medha, Padmakshi

Complexion- Fair

Mantra- Om Lam Vam Ram Bhagavati Bharati Namo Namah

Husband- Bharat

Goddess Bharati is the first among the Pancha vidyas. It is indeed shocking that India got its name ‘Bharat’ from Devi Bharati

Since time immemorial, India has dominated the social-standing. Here, the goddess pertains to the agricultural scenario. 

The goddess also symbolises Patriotism.

She nourishes her citizens like a mother and provides grains for their upkeep.

Even the Rig Veda alludes to the fact and describes her as an affectionate mother.

The goddess thus represents knowledge and livelihood.

The Devi Mahatmya too recognizes her as one of the main forms of mother Saraswati.

The Satvik goddess thus ignites the light of knowledge in her devotees

Devi Bharati wears saffron robes.

In this regard, Abanindranath Tagore, the famous Bengali painter, depicted the goddess in his painting Bharat mata in the year 1905.

Thus, during colonial rule, he imbued the air of patriotism in the masses.

Saffron robes also represent renunciation.

India is the land of sages, hence this is not uncommon.

Furthermore, the goddess is said to have four arms.

Mother Bharati is of the peaceful temperament.

Among the senses, she represents the tongue.

She is easy to please and blesses her devotees with fulfilment.

Goddess Bharati dominates the Manika nerve which joins Manipura chakra to the Svadhisthana and Muladhara.

Her worship propels knowledge to the higher chakras.

2) Devi Sharada

Symbolism- The seed of the seven notes

Nature- Motherly

Sense representation- Eyes

Chakra- Anahata

Other names- Hansavahini, Basanta Priya

Complexion- Fair

Mantra- Om Traim Yam Vishwaroopa sharada devyai namo namah

Husband- Sadananda Brahma

Devi Sharada is also reckoned as a guru.

She resembles the formless Brahman.

Also, according to Maha shakti purana, the goddess has all the three shaktis in her.

She bestows music, art and knowledge.

Aspiring artists should undoubtedly propitiate Goddess Sharada for guaranteed success.

We see her form in the Rig veda and Gandharva veda; Gandharva veda because it specialises in artforms.

The goddess clads blue robes and has two arms.

One hand blesses her devotees while the other majestically holds the veena.

She glances compassionately at her devotees riding a swan.

Besides, South Indians worship her four-armed form. 

Like Devi Bharati she possesses a fair complexion.

Mother Sharada is extremely kind and benevolent. She personifies a mother who endows her children with celestial arts.

All the seven notes have emanated from her alone.

In senses she represents the eyes.

Why is she called Sharada?

Lord Rama worshipped her during autumn, she hence earned the name sharada.

Goddess Sharada dominates the heart.

She touches hearts with her musical notes and imbues a sense of tranquility and peace.

Hence her appearance has a magical effect on one’s inner being

By worshipping her we overcome all future obstacles.

3) Devi Gayatri

Symbolism- Formless personification of Vedas

Nature- Peaceful and Fiery

Sense representation- Ears

Chakra- Vishuddha

Other names- Ajapa and Dhavala

Complexion- Fair

Mantra- Om Ham Devaradhitah Devi Gayatrai Hoom Phat Svahah

Husband- Brahma Bharga

She is the third and most loved form of goddess Saraswati.

Also known as Veda mata, she uplifts man to the position of a celestial.

We find different references of her nature.

Some claim her to be fiery while others peaceful. Interestingly, she is also called deva mata or the mother of devas. Thus, she also represents divine virtues.

The goddess has three legs hence called Tripunda.

Her five heads represent the Pancha Bhootas or material elements.

Her 10 eyes keenly spy the ten-directions.

The eight handed goddess holds versatile weapons. A white swan is her vehicle.

Two of her five heads symbolize Devi Ugra Kali and chamunda.

While the last three heads represent the gentle goddess Kamala, Saraswati, and Bhuvaneshwari.

Hence the goddess is a combination of two temperaments and can switch situationally.

For her devotees, she is an affectionate mother while for sinners she is a fierce tormentor. All said, she is very merciful and confers numerous boons.

Only focus and bhakti is needed.

Sage Vishwamitra invented the Gayatri mantra and acquired unthinkable powers.

Eventually he took up supernatural projects.

Thus, Gayatri mantra is very potent.

Using it as a subsidiary makes your process 9 times effective.

However an able guru is mandatory.

Gayatri sadhana is extremely confidential.

Besides, only after mastering the prior two vidyas can we approach her.

4) Devi Savitri

Symbolism- Metaphysics

Nature- Fiery

Chakra- Ajna Chakra

Other names- Ambika and Bhama

Complexion- Golden

Mantra- Om Um Savitre Devyai Prasannam Prasannam Phat Svahah

Husband- Vireenchi

She is considered to be the fiercest form of goddess Saraswati.

In the puranas, she symbolizes science. Mother Savitri is the goddess of material science, seduction and creativity.

She dispels ignorance and ignites the torch of knowledge in our core. Her absence shall make life a living hell.

Goddess Savitri is golden-complexioned and wears yellow robes.

She has four-arms.

Furthermore, the veda describes her as the fusion of Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahashakti.

The Skanda Purana claims her to be of the angry temperament.

In fact, Even the trinity fear her wrath.

Well, in this regard, the shiva purana speaks of her curses on various godly personalities

Once, Goddess savitri deprived brahma of earthly worship

She cursed Lakshmi to remain ever-restless and a childless life for Indrani and other residents of swarga.

She even cursed Indra for separation from this throne.

Thus, In her rage, she becomes sage Durvasa.

However, the puranas consider her to be kind and merciful.

She bestows the ultimate benediction if pleased.

Mother Savitri resolves all familial disputes.

However the practitioner must beware of her wrath, and meditate with caution.

You can worship Goddess Savitri only after the completion of the prior three vidyas.

It is like a step-by-step ladder. You cannot skip any step!

During Savitri sadhana you get gory visions of lowly planets, which are frightful to behold.

Remember, a distracted sadhaka shall suffer immensely in the nether worlds and get entrapped there.

Goddess Savitri controls the Ajna chakra or the third eye.

5) Devi Brahmani

goddess saraswati and kalidas

Symbolism- Divine knowledge and arts

Nature- Fiery

Senses- Beyond Senses (Intelligence)

Chakra- Sahasrar Chakra

Other names- Brahmi and Chittamuktini

Complexion- Yellow

Mantra- Om Devi Brahmani Namah

Husband- Brahma

Goddess Brahmani is the foremost form of Goddess Saraswati.

In fact, she is commonly seen with Lord Brahma and is the rajasic energy of Parashakti.

According to Brahma purana, goddess Brahmini represents creative energy.

Notably, She stands first amongst the ashta matrikas.

Goddess Brahmani has a yellow complexion adorned with heavy jewelry.

She wears white robes and holds a white lotus.

Furthermore, she bears four arms.

And like Brahma she holds beads, Kamandalu, vedas and lotus.

We commonly see her riding a white swan and wearing lotus bead ornaments.

Besides, Some other versions depict peacock as her vehicle.

Goddess Brahmani is the universal mother. Her motherly touch protects her devotees.

She is easy to please and liberates the devotee.

Likewise she showered her grace on the great poet Kalidas and granted him fame.

Goddess Brahmani is the very source of the universe.

She controls the intelligence and is hence also called Buddhishwari.

By the way, she manages the Brihaspati planet symbolizing knowledge.

In fact Devi Brahmani has all the qualities of the five vidyas.

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