6 Facts about God | Man did not Create God

6 Pointers Towards God

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God is Real

God is not creation of man. Many philosophers of the past, some great speakers, having Indian genes say that Man created God. This is one of the most ridiculous arguments. If God were to have created man, who created all that we see around? If someone never created it, how is it all there? If there is energy, there is an energetic behind it. If there is power, then there is a powerful, behind it. This is common-sense. This is called intuitive evidence or evidence based on supportive facts. It’s like this, the night is dark and we have seen the moon and the stars. But we also know that the stars and moon cannot light up the sky. However for 12 hours we see that the sky is lit. This again means that something which is more powerful has caused the thing called “day” to happen. Even if you are able to feel the heat during the day, you know that something has caused it. There is supporting proof that there is an entity which is not the Moon or the stars. We call it the Sun! Similarly there is someone who makes everything happen, it cannot happen without a cause. God is just another name for the cause of all causes, which the Scriptures call God.

How to know God

We cannot simply say that God exists and forget about it. The question is, just as we experience day and night, heat and cold, can we experience God? The simple answer is, if Truthful and Enlightened people say that God exists, that means he has to be in our experience. The process through which we can experience God, is Sadhana or spiritual practice. Spiritual Practice is nothing but our effort to get the spirit into action. Even now our spirit is in action, no doubt, but this action is involuntary. A lot of things we do, we are not aware or not entirely conscious of. Our heart beats, our skin pores open and shut, our nails grow. So many things happen within our system but we are largely unconsciousness of many of these happenings. The spirit is involved in all voluntary and involuntary processes that govern our life and yet we do not feel the spirit in its full glory. Hence we need to take up specific practices that will make one aware of the spirit in operation.

What can Sadhana do for us?

Sadhana is intended to awaken aspects of the mind which makes the sadhaka self-aware where he is able to see the workings of his unconscious aspects. When the sadhana deepens, he shall be able to witness the working of the universe. If he is humble and surrenders himself to sadhana completely he shall be able to see the “Person” operating behind the workings of the Universe who is operating the Universe. This is the Secret of Sadhana.


We operate out of ignorance

Our current ways of working is dependent on our limited understanding of our subject, the skills that we have learnt from imperfect sources, through our imperfect senses. What drives our learning is the Ego hidden behind the veil of ignorance which is nothing but the huge shadow cast by our Ego. When everything that we learn is in darkness, in shadows, then how can we trust our so-called knowledge and skills? Whatever is emulated by us, has a short shelf-life. The world around us, is managed by God, who is the one who manages everything with the instrument of Mother Nature. Our environment, our so-called understanding and intelligence is being constantly challenged by the needle of the second-hand. In such a rapidly changing environment how can we remain relevant? Our brittle ego tries to portray that we know everything and that is the irony. This hides the real picture of Creation from us.

Creator is known through His Creation

If we are not able to understand and see how Creation works, can we dream of knowing the Creator? For example, an artist has studied the work of Picasso. Not only that, he has studied his art in great depth. He has understood the colors and the style of the shadings of all his paintings. He has understood what colors he generally uses. He has studied the curves of his figures, how they occur and so many things that are typical of Picasso art. Now among hundreds of works of art, the admirer of art can easily figure out the works of Picasso although he has not seen that work ever before. This is because he has seen the Creator of the art, through his creation and he has recognized him. So, unless one has seen and understood the Creation of the Lord, how will he know the Lord? Sadhana is that process which makes one sensitive to Creation from where one will be able to witness the Creator, The Lord.

Two ends of the faith spectrum

Many people are given to blind faith or even driven by a faithless demeanor. Both these expressions are like blinkers that blink out Creation itself. When one is driven by blind-faith, it is that, someone has been influenced by another individual with a stronger mind, who is equally ignorant. This is the height of being blind-folded. Just by blindly believing in God, there is a possibility that one can get into an area of self-defeat. To be steeped in blind-faith is to be plagued by unnecessary emotionalism and hallucinations and taking that which is not, to be something real. Rather, it is better that one takes up a scientific and a methodical approach towards spirituality. It is best to take the help of wise men of God who are practical and realistic in their approach. Following enlightened ones, taking up a serious study of Sanatana Dharma and the scriptures is essential for progressing spiritually. Associating with teachers of Sanatana Dharma and soaking oneself in the Dharma is important. One has to know that study or swadhyaya (स्वाध्याय Self-Study) has to be complemented by common-sense and a meditative approach. On the other hand, people who are faithless have closed minds and hence they have shut themselves up from all possibilities.

In the final analysis, God is real and can very much become a part of one’s direct experience. However the question is, how much are we committed to the cause? Are we really interested in our Creator, the one who has created us and not the other way round? If our search is serious, we should be getting down to sadhana. The dynamics of Sadhana, of seeking, can only be to accomplished if we trust the words of the scriptures and put the methodologies recommended by them into action under the guidance of an accomplished spiritual master.