6 Secrets of Third-Eye Chakra- Pineal Gland

Third-Eye Chakra

Highlights of the Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra represents the Third-eye Chakra, subtle nerve endings at the region of the brow.

The point at the center of the brows represents the Third-Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

The Ajna Chakra also called the Guru Chakra is the center of Decision making and will.

If the Ajna Chakra attains positive energy, it shall make the person extremely independent with clarity in thought and action.

Such a person will have total control over his decision-making potencies.

Powerful intuitive powers shall guide the person towards success.

One can use a powerful Ajna Chakra to make things happen and change situations using one’s willpower and positive habits.

One will automatically become a reservoir of powerful habits because of awakened Ajna Chakra.

A person with a powerful Ajna Chakra will never have guilt and never repent for his actions.

Ajna Chakra also represents correctness and Truth.

A person with strong Ajna Chakra has transcended doubt and weakness in all areas of life.

Surety and power become the second nature of individuals with an awakened Ajna Chakra.


Symptoms of a Weak Ajna Chakra

On the other hand, a person with imbalanced Ajna or Guru Chakra turns out to be indecisive and confused.

This man fails to be effective in any of his actions.

Such a man fails to distinguish between correct and incorrect actions.

He ever remains muddled and dependent on others for guidance.

Naturally, this man becomes fearful of life situations and keeps losing confidence time and again.

Guilt also becomes such a person’s second nature.

People with this problem remain fearful and are unsure of what life has in store for them.

These men stay plagued with doubt and distrust.

Yet they depend on others hopelessly so that they can make some decisions for the better.

Many times, such people fall prey to misinformation and cheating.

They cannot read other people and go by their elusive experiences.

These people also have a tendency to change their opinions fast without due diligence.

Hence it becomes important to activate the Ajna Chakra.

Weak Ajna Chakra can affect the body

An imbalanced Ajna Chakra also becomes the reason for diseases. 

Many of the people with weak Ajna Chakra suffer from headaches and migraines.

They also can have blurred vision with strained eyes.

The eye pressure for such individuals is naturally high.

These people also fall prey to stress-related diseases which include heart diseases.

Usually, all such people suffer from Sinus.

They remain affected by the common cold almost throughout the year.

An individual with weak Ajna Chakra remains stubborn like a dog’s tail.

A person with a blocked Ajna Chakra will face neurological disorders.

A disturbed Third-Eye Chakra can also become a reason for schizophrenia.


Many mentally retarded children or people with autistic disorders have a damaged third eye (another name for Ajna Chakra).

Significance of Third-Eye (Ajna) Chakra

The pineal gland is associated with the third eye Chakra.

This gland relates to the spiritual domain.

When one activates the pineal gland, it connects the individual to a vast reservoir of wisdom.

A “seer” can see things beyond.

Things of the future logically reveal themselves.

One can activate the third eye through several means.

A person can use Meditation as a powerful means to activate the third eye.

Activating the other Chakras namely Anahata, Manipuraka, Svadhishthana, and Manipuraka is essential.

Only after that should one attempt to energize the third-eye Chakra.

Only when one activates these  Chakras to some extent will the activation of the pineal gland grant results.


Means to Activate Third-Eye Chakra

Let us explore some means to activate the third eye.

The exercises to activate the third eye, should ideally not be done in isolation.

One should also use means to activate the other chakras too.

Only then shall the third eye activation become effective.

Sun gazing

One can activate the third eye chakra, by sun-gazing.

By gazing at the sun and making it fall on the third eye, one can activate the pineal gland.

The practitioner should do this exercise at dawn, with the rising sun.

One should not gaze at the sun for more than a minute at one go.

With continued practice, one shall be able to activate the third eye or Ajna Chakra.


Food Supplements

Proper diet plays its part in the activation of the third-eye Chakra.

The region between the brows should be detoxified.

The third-eye detoxification can be done by consuming some amounts of lemon, watermelon, honey, coconut oil, cilantro on a regular basis.

Application of Oils

One should also use jasmine and sandalwood oil to massage at the third-eye region, in order to activate it.

As one applies these oils, it will help further if one chants “AUM”, as one slowly massages the oil at the brow region.


Meditation and Chanting Mantras

Through meditation too, one can activate the Ajna or third-eye Chakra.

One visualizes a 2 petalled flower, which bears the indigo color.

The mantra, one can focus on while meditating on the purple Lotus is “AUM” (ॐ).

One should also meditate on Lord Shiva, on the third eye region as one meditates on the sound of “AUM”.

This is an extremely powerful technique.

One can also utter the Gayatri mantra and focus on the third eye, in order to activate it.

This practice when carried out for 21 days can yield rich results.

Use of Crystals

Crystals are especially favorable in awakening the third eye.

One can use crystals such as amethyst, purple sapphire, purple violet tourmaline, etc.

One should lie down peacefully and place these crystals on the third eye and focus on them lying down.


One shall, with practice, feel subtle rays emanating from these crystals, impinging the third-eye region.

Slowly with regular practice, one can remove the blockages of the third eye, in a matter of 7 days of practice.

Third-Eye Chakra and the Realm of Spirituality

One becomes familiar with the spiritual domain as one activates the Ajna Chakra.

It will be interesting to note that The Vishuddhi Chakra represents the entry into the spiritual domain.

Although a person may have spiritual tendencies with an open Vishuddhi Chakra, it is not necessary that the individual realizes his spiritual nature.

When the individual graduates from the Vishuddhi to the Ajna Chakra, one suddenly realizes one’s spiritual nature.

One awakens to a domain that lies far beyond the visible material realm.

Secrets of a hidden domain start to reveal themselves to the awakened one.

A person with a pure third-eye awakening realizes that there is more to life than survival and success.

Such a person recognizes the vastness of the otherwise invisible spiritual space.

This person realizes the Truths of Spirituality.

He automatically starts abiding by the Spiritual laws.

The stringent material laws start to make ways for a higher life.

Wisdom becomes a natural trait for the third-eye awakened individual.

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