6 Ways to Build a Strong Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

What and where is the Anahata Chakra?

Heart Chakra or the Hridaya Chakra presents itself at the center of Heart.

The Chakra represents the meeting of the subtle nerves, at this point. 

The Heart Chakra, called Anahata Chakra when activated can become a source of great energy.

One can visualize a green-colored, 12 petalled Lotus at the center of the Heart.

This Lotus is not simply a symbol but a living, clockwise rotating energy center radiating energy.

Yam (यं) mantra vibrates this energy center.

We will analyze the powers of this chakra, at the center of our very being.

The Anahata controls the Emotional handle

A powerful Anahata Chakra handles the control of emotions and maintains emotional stability.

The sentimental man, an upstart, or an impulsive person should definitely work on his Anahata Chakra consciously.

A person influenced by time, place, circumstances, or people necessarily has a weak Anahata Chakra.


People with low energy in the Anahata fall prey to the external world’s cheatings.

People can manipulate such persons very easily and can convince them to accept preposterous claims or lies thrown at them.

When this happens, one can safely conclude that the Anahata Chakra is dormant.

Such people may have spurts of anger, displayed at inappropriate times.

Relationships of such people sour very easily.

Other Symptoms of Weak Anahata Chakra

Frustration is another symptom of a weak Anahata Chakra.

A person with a weak Anahata can have shoulder and back-related problems.

One also loses contact with Nature.

One fails to read circumstantial indicators.

Weak in insights, a weak Anahata Chakra person comes to all wrong conclusions.

What is real Wealth?

The green color of this Chakra indicates that it connects man to the superior energy of true wealth and prosperity.

Wealth here does not directly represent money, fame, and possessions.

It represents deep insight and intelligence.

One should therefore strive to activate this chakra so that one can understand nature’s intentions and act wisely.

Techniques to Activate Anahata Chakra

Experts recommend many techniques with which one can activate the Anahata Chakra.

Explore Nature

One can implement a powerful means to activate this Chakra.

One such means will be to take time and get closer to Nature.


Take time and be with the oceans.

One should take out time, to be with the oceans, flowers, and powerful landscapes, where there is no contamination of the human consciousness.


Even if one spends tie with the rivers or wild nature, this Chakra gets activated automatically.

Natural greenery activates the Chakra quite fast.

Closeness to Nature shall keep the biological heart also in good shape.

Natural rejection of inappropriate foodstuff

The heart will naturally reject foods that do not support the cultivation of the Anahata.

 A hard-hearted person turns out to be a more violent person.

The more one develops tendencies towards loving nature, one shall become soft and avoid food produced out of violence.

Naturally, the Anahata Chakra starts gaining more energy.

A sensitive and sensible person shall also be saved from heart diseases.

For Bhakti, Anahata Chakra is Key

Activating the Anahata Chakra is important especially for the development of Bhakti.

Bhakti means pure Love for God.

One can enter such transcendental Love only through a clean Anahata, where the sound of Prema (Divine Love) reverberates.

The Lord of the heart is Hanumanji Maharaj.

In many illustrations and paintings, especially in South India, Hanumanji Maharaj appears with a green body, the representation of the Anahata.

Hanumanji Maharaj represents Power, strength, control over emotions, and above all servitorship to our Supreme Lord Ramachandra Prabhu.


Practice Pranayama

Another useful technique to activate the Anahata Chakra is to do pranayama.

One should start breathing deep and try to fill the lungs fully while breathing.

Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom are some Pranayama exercises that one can perform.

One should also try to raise the shoulders as one breathes in, as it allows more space for the heart to pump oxygenated blood.

It is even better to perform these exercises in the open, close to Nature.

A reverse technique of throwing the breath fully out and holding the breath outside for a few seconds is also a powerful exercise.

Such exercise should be carried out only 4 hours after any meal, not before that.

One can also perform these exercises on an empty stomach.

Meditation on the Lotus Chakra

Another powerful technique is to visualize a twelve-petalled green Lotus at the center of the Heart.

One should visualize this Lotus with the letter Yam ((यं) at the mid of the Lotus.

The Lotus should rotate in the clockwise direction with energy and light.

One should practice this type of meditation in the morning and evening for 10 minutes daily.

This shall activate the Heart Chakra in a matter of 21 days, without fail.

As this practice focuses one will fell tremendous energy emanating, on the experiential platform soon.

Chanting Yam and Meditating

Chanting Yam ((यं) with a deep voice, as we meditate, shall add more energy to the process and then one can feel energy vibes soon.

As the sensations start to increase, one’s hard and gross imaginations about life will start to melt.

One will automatically increase one’s sensibilities.

One shall also become finer in one’s habits and behavior.

Truthfulness will also begin to increase in one’s life.

This practice shall give clarity in understanding other people.

One can soon realize life’s principles with utmost clarity.

Confusions will melt away.

As the Anahata starts to rotate, it shall automatically fine-tune the Manipuraka, Vishuddhi, and Muladhara Chakra.

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