7 Interesting Signs of Who is a Sage?

7 interesting signs of a sadhu

(1) The Humility of a sage in unparalleled.

The sage never displays pomp and splendour.

He always considers himself as a servitor of the Supreme Lord.

This is his greatest virtue.

However, people might view this as his weakness as most times they appear docile.

Even among sages there exist various categories.

I have divided them in the following 2 categories so that it’ll be easy for you to understand.

-Extremely humble:


Such sages not only are genuinely humble but their body language also speaks about their truest of emotions.

They are all-forgiving and all-accepting.

Also, they accept people as they are without expecting anything in return.

They are so kind that people selflessly render services.

However, they are susceptible to Negative People also. But, the Lord protects such dear sages from negative people.

People might render service with a great amount of ego. Such services never bear good fruits.

Though the Sage accepts these services, if he experiences discontentment, the seva will reap no results!

Also, when you talk with a man who is absolutely disinterested in any matter and yet presents himself in utter humility, which moves your soul, understand you are in a conversation with a sage.

The 2nd category of sages is like that of a rock.

-Extremely Brash or probably even arrogant

They appear hard, rude, brutal from the eternal. But, on closely interacting with them, they are the sweetest people on earth.

The hard shell is to gauge the intentions of the disciple or seeker approaching him.

Once, we succeed to pass his test, we receive the sage’s blessings.

No sage is the same.

These sages might be spoken ill off by many people around him. But, only the Lord know the true intentions of his Bhakta.

Although the sage is intuitive, sharp and shrewd, compassion is inherent in him.

His eyes and mannerisms shall only convey the language of love and well-being.

This is the fact.

The Vedic Sages had a combination of both humble and angry sages.

(2)  A Sage is Essentially one Without any Pretence

A true sage’s personality is formless.

He can change his persona based on time, place and circumstance.

However, this aspect of the sage is mystical and ordinary souls can never fathom this nature of the sage-mystic.

Like for example Sage Durvasa was considered to be the most Angry-sage of His time. His tales always included curses and repentances.

But, what we normal human beings fail to understand is the transcendental quality in the appearing Anger he displays.

His anger is grace.

When he gets angry, the one in front of him realized his folly.

Through His anger, the lesson of awareness is instantly instilled in the person.

Such a level of awareness is probably not possible even by millions of years of penance.

That is the reason why shastras recommend devotees to engage in Sadhu Sanga.

Mere Sadhu sanga will teach us many lessons.

The fear of Sage Durvasa’s anger gives devotees an opportunity to serve without any expectation.

It forces one to serve Him with a clear mind and heart. So that we do not err in the serving process.

He accepted all invitations of kings and forest-dwellers. Why? Simply to bless them.

This is His grace, his mercy.

He became extremely angry with Ambarisha, but at the same time he displayed extreme compassion for Prince Duryodhana.

So, he did not have a rigid personality.

Such was His personality, without any pretence. He has no malice in heart.

He would act according to time place and circumstance.

(3) A True Sage is utterly selfless and without any personal agenda.

A true sage is one who has no malice, expectation, or desire from the world.

Even if they served Kings, their hearts remained detached from the objects of pleasure.

Hence, they had the potency to truly guide their disciple-kings

Hence, he only works towards his goal, and helps those who are in line with his goal.

He does not put his nose into anything that comes his way.

He has a razor-sharp vision to scan people and their motives.

(4) A Sage is still, untouched by Desire

“He is unmoved by lust and at the same time very vigilant with his senses.” This is the statement of the Shastras.

Any person who shows a bent of interest or expresses enthusiasm to interact and influence others, can never be a sage.

On the other hand, a sage is a being of utter renunciation.

The sage is undeterred and cannot be influenced by the forces of this world of matter and materialistic emotions.

(5) External appearance can say nothing about a Sage

Even a supposed normal person can be an elevated devotee, a sage.

We cannot recognize a sage by his dress or decorations on his forehead. Some people prostrate at the feet of people wearing fat Kanthi Malas.

Let me tell you these can be an aspect of cultural, nomadic influence on people.

These are not the characteristics of a sage.

When religious people surround you, wearing kanthi malas on their bodies, automatically, you imbibe that and start wearing them on their bodies as well.

That doesn’t make any difference.

It doesn’t make anybody a sage.

These symbols can probably make you look spiritual from the external, but what makes you a sage, is not external at all, but internal.

Keep in mind

When you suddenly remember God and the uselessness of the world of matter on meeting a stranger, safely conclude that you are talking to a sage.

Sage is not what it appears from the external.

Having matted hair, long locks, fat kanthi malas, tilak on forehead, saffron robes, dhoti, kurta and white dress doesn’t make you a sage.

The purity of heart, devotion for God, sincerity of attempt and longing to attain Bhagawan are the only parameters that decide whether or not you are a sage.

(6) A sage is only committed to Truth

He has no favorites and is against none.

He is utterly motiveless.

A sage is one with immaculate wisdom and understanding.

He is capable of providing solutions to problems, but the solutions will always be in line with spirituality wherein truth shall never be compromised.

The sage shall serve as a guide to people, if at all, as a matter of service to the Lord and he has no vested interests.

(7) A Sage is against Promoting God

The A-class sage does not promote God.

The sage established in the Self involves in activities, only by the will of the Supreme Lord.

Evangelism or promotion of God, cannot be the occupation of such a sage, although the sage’s intentions and prayers shall be to see that every living entity as a devotee of the Lord.

The sage may however take up tasks by the inspiration of God for the satisfaction of the Lord.

This is also a point of mysticism.

Only another elevated being who is directly connected with God can read the sage.

In these matters, the sage cannot be understood by the common man.

Hence, a sage shall never involve himself in social matters or social functions like marriage or holding spiritual programs etc to talk about God or promote his institution or movement.

He is least interested in gatherings and public speaking.

Thanks for reading!

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