9 Spiritual Laws of Money | Investing Money in Spiritual Wealth

9 Spiritual Laws Of Money

Money is a great power source that operates the ways of this material world. There are several factors which make money or wealth an important resource that can be used to speed up spiritual progress. Money is usually used as an energy to manipulate the ways of the material world for personal benefit. Here are ways in which people use money for their short-term benefits.

Negative Influences of Money and Wealth

Money for improving position and possession in society

Most people want to attract money because unless one is wealthy, society does not give importance or pay heed to an individual. Hence Money is used as a means to extend ego, to boost self-importance. Once the basic needs of survival are taken care off, man automatically becomes interested in improving his own position in society and tries to possess things and people, buy people’s self-esteem. The fallacy that individuals carry with them is that happiness quotient can be increased by sabotaging other people’s integrity with the power of money. This is an ingrained animalistic tendency within the unrefined mind of man.

Money as a source of control

When one possesses money, he gets into the wrong impression that people who obey the instructions of such a wealthy man are sincere and subjugated. This fallacy corrupts the mind of the man with possessions. He develops a sense of arrogance, haughtiness and fool-hardiness. Money is also known as Maya in the Spiritual dictionary. If money is not handled well, especially by men with unrefined mindsets, money can bring about a self-destructive turn into people’s lives. With the influence of money on intelligence, other people with vested interests can cheat wealthy men, taking advantage of their wealth insecurity. They may be induced into taking bad decisions in business or can be tempered into taking actions which may be favorable to opponents.

Wealth can create enemies.

One of the non-talked aspects of Wealth possession is that people are usually envious of wealthy people. This envy can create rumors within society that can mar the character of wealthy individuals. A wealthy individual may also have to imbibe or adorn a character which is immune to the bad eye of general society. Adorning such a character may make the wealthy individual brash and pompous thereby making him less sensitive and intolerant towards others. This situation is not healthy if one is eager to develop a humble spiritual mindset. Possessing much wealth is usually unsuitable for developing in the arena of spirituality. Wealth also increases the responsibility of safeguarding it or multiplying it. If that is the case, how can spirituality be the goal of such individuals?

Money influx corrupts society

If the wealth of a nation catapults, then there is a great possibility that it may encourage others to work towards more wealth generation. Although this idea looks to be a positive one, this situation is not a desirable one. If the whole society vies for wealth generation, it shall be interested in trade, business, money transactions, transacting consumables and a whole lot of activities, which in the long run will only create unnecessary agitation of the mind and makes it addicted to the increase of wealth. This addiction is in many ways like the mindset of gamblers who are trying to win a game and go on playing to the level of self-destruction. Money can be very addictive. Although it is not a drug that affects the body, it can prove to be a toxic drug that fills the mind with muck, unfavorable thoughts and plans, stoked by greed, stinginess and debauchery caused due to involvement in unfair means employed towards growth of wealth. When addiction to money becomes a problem, an individual loses perspective and may unconsciously get involved in unfair practices that can mar his future. When a wealthy man tries to manipulate society, his mental and emotional tendencies shall infect society. Associating with excessively wealthy people can totally corrupt innocent individuals who get influenced by the lifestyle of such wealthy individuals and may unwittingly try to ape the actions of wealthy men. Such an influence of wealthy men can corrode the very fabric of the nation, moreover even politics and the rule within a nation is financed by wealthy individuals who try to get favors out of the ruling governments by financing them to win elections. This unholy nexus tendency has not changed since time immemorial. This wealth-power nexus has only corroded society more and more with passing years.

Money over Education

Modern day society is interested in earning or acquiring money or wealth with minimum effort yielding maximum results. Today education or college degree is acquired towards attaining a position in society from where money and power could be easily garnered. This is a sad state of our current society. Education has become a slave to wealth because of which the quality of education is degraded in current times. Education today does not cater to character building but focuses on earning a degree that shall fetch one, an occupation from where focus can be shifted towards accumulating more wealth. Wealth is able to buy educational qualifications today. Today organizations are employing qualified individuals no doubt, but are applying corrupt means to attract customers through bribery and favors. This is gross misuse of wealth. If society is being manipulated by wealth to such an extent, what will be the status of Knowledge and Education in the future? Money-Money-Money has become the mantra among the common folks of the nation. Such a mentality is eating up the fundamental human emotions that we were born with.

How Money can be used positively in Spirituality

Although Money has been able to bringing about progress in technology and modern day lifestyle, very few have been able to utilize the power of money in matters of the spirit. It is to be understood that money also represents an aspect of soul-energy. Goddess Laxmi Devi has 8 forms of prosperity and they are prosperity, fertility, good fortune or good luck, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny and power. These 8 forms of the divine goddess are the 8 forms of wealth that are available to man. Let us now consider these 8 forms of wealth such as Spiritual fertility, Spiritual fortune, Spiritual health, Spiritual knowledge, Spiritual strength, Spiritual progeny and Spiritual power.

Spiritual Fertility and Prosperity

When money is utilized for serving sadhus, saints, spiritual men, feeding devotees of the Lord, it results in increasing spiritual fertility. When an individual uses money to serve the purpose of the Supreme Being, he becomes pure and fertile. Fertility in this context is towards spread of spiritual culture. This shall make the aspirant emotionally fertile. When money is used for welfare activities in a mood of humility and surrender, one will never be required to worry about money. It shall become the responsibility of God to make the individual prosperous in the soul-aspect and thus open up the floodgates towards spiritual prosperity.

Spiritual Health and Fortune

When money is spent for spiritual purposes, for serving devotees and invested towards undertaking spiritual practices and soul enrichment, there emerges a spiritual aura around the individual thereby creating a shield that protects and balances both the physical and emotional health of the individual. The heart of such an individual becomes soft and accommodative. Spiritual values get nurtured. Spiritual Fortune refers to the growth of Jnana and Bhakti. The individual shall be blessed by saints towards development of one’s sadhana and spiritual practices. He shall be relieved from the three types of inconveniences relating to one’s own body and mind, trouble from other living entities and shall be given a guarantee relief even from Natural calamities. The Supreme Being shall take all responsibility of an individual who consciously invests money in the welfare of the devotees of the Lord.

Spiritual Strength and Knowledge

When money is not hoarded and utilized for welfare of deserving individuals and for the welfare of devotees of the Lord, one shall automatically develop mental tenacity. Spiritual discipline will become a way of life for such individuals being blessed by seers and men of God. Their blessings shall inspire aspirants to undertake spiritual study and garner spiritual secrets that shall insure their lives from all problems of the world. With the exception of Prarabdha Karma, Sanchita, Agami and Aprarabdha Karma shall be removed. The vagaries of life shall stop disturbing the man who has invested his wealth in the service of the Lord. Such a man can be safely assumed to be covered by spiritual insurance that no man-made insurance companies can ever guarantee.

Spiritual Progeny and Power

A man who has dedicated all his wealth at the feet of the Lord need not worry of taking care of his wealth because he has safely deposited it at the feet of the Lord. Such a man will, for sure be guaranteed with spiritual children who will walk on the path of Truth. Such progeny will prove to be assets to their parents. Such progeny shall prove to be the greatest wealth to their parents who will not have to depend on material wealth or money. Thus material wealth would get transformed into Spiritual Wealth. The Power of dedicated wealth is that it shall grant spiritual vision to the aspirants who have utilized wealth for Seva or service. Power represents perfection of life. When one has dedicated ones all towards purely spiritual causes, one shall have nothing to lose. The power of Truth shall rest in the hearts of such spiritual practitioners.

Money or Wealth is neither good nor bad for society. It is utility that makes Money/Wealth good or bad. Money may have some basic utilitarian value. But society has blown it out of proportion and made it a devil that is devouring the very society that created it. It becomes immensely important that Wealth is applied to spiritual causes. Passively donating money to NGOs is only going to make the Wealth demon stronger. Alternately, it is important that man adopts a spiritual mindset and serves the true purpose of the soul with Money. This is possible and the need of the hour.

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