9 things to know about Spiritual Health| 9 Tips to Spiritual Health

9 Things To Know About Spiritual Health

Purpose of Spirituality

The most important question to ask is this. Why is it important to become spiritual? Why should I care about my spiritual health? Answers to these questions shall most certainly set the direction towards getting the answers towards all questions that life can ever pose before you. You shall get to know the reasons even for other’s behavior, if you become truly spiritual. This knowing shall not be colored by one’s distorted perceptions or biases but shall be direct perception of how reality stands, “As It Is”. Knowing the spiritual purpose of life shall provide answers to even the most intricate questions that life poses before us. Spirituality, is to be understood as the universal core that has the causes, reasons and answers for all worldly problems. In addition to this, Spirituality opens the doors towards the source of matter which is non-matter spirit, the very core of your existence, my existence; why, the source of all that exists. When one gets established in the source, all problems will only seem apparent and simply dissolve in the presence of a mind that has been cleansed, drenched and suffused with spiritual knowledge. This is the fundamental take-away of becoming spiritual. Spirituality is the means to become happy eternally without any lows. Spiritual Health becomes vital, if life as a process is to be appreciated and endured. Let us consider the 9 steps/tips towards developing good spiritual health

The need to know

It is important that one is committed to the life process. Unless there is commitment to life, one shall not be interested in knowing the purpose of life. When one is engaged with one’s responsibilities and duties, one shall never be interested in knowing. When there is utter commitment to the work at hand, the desire to know more and grow with knowledge arises in the mind. When one is interested in any field and puts knowledge into work and gets creative, slowly higher intelligence will get awakened. Only once this intelligence is awakened can one, be interested in knowing the real purpose of life. The answer to this question is not straightforward. Trying to answer this question directly is like trying to give a direct answer to this question “Who is God”. Someone may say Jesus is God, Someone may Say Brahman is God or Shiva is God. All these are just sentences that have no direct meaning or relevance. They are simply words which do not invoke our deepest self or emotions. If this does not happen, can we believe or trust the truth in the words? If we say we believe, what use is that belief when there is no experience and knowing? If we say we do not believe, what use is that non-belief when there is no experience of that non-belief? So the question is, are we inspired to know, know more and keep knowing and working towards something higher that what we already feel we know? If the answer is yes, such feelings are invoked about knowledge, we should be inspired to take up a practice that shall enhance our perception of knowledge.

Engage in spiritual discipline

If you are a student, you should engage in yoga or take up pranayama. If we have not taken up meditation, we should take up some meditative practices. I have found chanting mantra to be the most effective. Chanting mantra for a fixed time, daily or chanting them on beads has been extremely beneficial. If we are students or skilled people, Chanting or Meditation reorganizes all our energy centres and concentrates energy just as a convex lens concentrates sunlight at a point which can burn paper. Similarly a dedicated spiritual discipline helps harness our spiritual energy and aligns our internal energy centres, making us capable of higher perceptions.

Developing sensitivity

When spiritual practice is continued with the aim of enhancing higher knowledge, certain experiences are effected into our lives. One cannot afford to be reckless with thoughts, words and deeds and care needs to be taken so that we do not harm ourselves, others or our surroundings with improper words or actions. For this, our thoughts have to be reformed and refined. Spiritual discipline enables that capacity of control over our inner abilities and regulates and conserves them. It is our sensitivity to people and surroundings that creates opportunities for inner growth and welfare. Sensitivity, is a feature that is awakened only in individuals who have curtailed their reckless behavior with inner discipline and concentrated work. When one is focused on creative work and spiritual discipline, sensitivity is born through such positive endeavor.

Deliberate and explore

Unless one deliberates and explores, it shall be difficult to build up on a progressive spiritual mentality. As one casts oneself into a positive domain of spiritual living, one picks up finesse and focuses on exploring the inner dimensions of perceptions. It is possible that with a intelligently restricted, concentrated, sensitive, careful way of life, one will require to readjust one’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes and even audit one’s own thought process as the days go by. This is more or less an automated way of functioning as one is now conscious about what one thinks, emotes or consumes. Unless there is inner audit, blossoming of the effulgent inner self can never happen. This is the time when tastes and preferences change.

See what works and what does not

 As one becomes spiritually evolved, one shall not be able to tolerate heavy music, parties, mixing with too many friends etc. One shall also not want to consume harsh foodstuff or drink. One will naturally cut down on spices etc. This type of lifestyle shall emerge as one becomes more and more conscious about one’s internal health. As one engages with the inner system, one shall also become aware of one’s physical health. The body shall start giving you early alarms of disease and since we have now graduated a bit towards conscious living, we can fix futuristic physical health problems very early. To maintain body balance we may require to fine tune certain food or living habits. The fun part is that our awakened body and mind shall communicate with us as to what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. These can be regarded as early signs of intuitive insight. The body also recognizes that we are prompt with our actions and hence cooperates in maintaining the physical body without further issues. It may take time to settle down with a set of new coordinates that define our daily needs, although and yet we will be certain with our newly attained decision making skills. This is more of a deliberate and explore phase. This is a time when our inner dialogues may increase, not with respect to what one wants or does not want. It shall not increase towards the world, trying to get something from it but it will be about curtailing the outer spread so that one finds one’s own little space of concentrated joy, peace and contentment.

Look before you conclude

As we change and adjust spiritually, there may be considerable reshuffling of our friends circle, relatives and acquaintances. Those people whom we felt were indispensable fall away and there may be a few surprise friends who may interact with us. However it will not be a good idea to get too close to anybody or pass our opinions and judgements about people. Spiritually as one evolves, it will be less about people and more about our inner perceptions about the order of the world. Spirituality shall expose the principles operating behind time, place, circumstances and people. Especially when one has taken up serious meditation or a consistent mantra chanting methodology, one will be able to witness that our conclusions have always been based out of steeped ignorance. When spiritual principles get revealed, one shall gather a definite view of the universal principles that operate behind life, as a continuous insightful process.

See, which habits take you closer to yourself

As our spiritual discipline become serious, consistent, long-lasting atleast over 3 years, our persona will undergo dramatic changes. Our persona which existed 3 years prior in terms of our approach towards life, our thoughts and emotions and every little perception would have got transformed. This is the time when certain positive habits would have been arranged by Nature. We may be given a higher task by Nature. For example, we would have started teaching local children about the need to be committed and be spiritual etc. There could be other smaller tasks that mother Nature would have placed on our heads and yet we may not be conscious that it has been given to us by Nature deliberately in all importance. We may need to become utterly conscious about our undertakings and get committed to the task at hand, if we are to continue on the higher ladders of spirituality. When this starts happening, our spiritual nature shall start taking shape and we will get into a strong character that we may possess for eternity, which shall undergo no change if realized.

Engage with practices that give insight

As we start developing our practices with commitment, our ability to predict, our insight and our assessment about time, place, circumstances shall start becoming immaculate. This information will be broadcast within our heart. We have to realize that this ability has developed within us as a matter of Grace, because of our commitment to work, spirituality and a selfless attitude. Under no other circumstances can such ability flourish within any individual. The practices that give one pleasure, which are useful for one and society, building a spiritual atmosphere are the ones to engage with. Insight develops and grows only under such circumstances. Even when one is committed to intense spiritual pursuance, one shall never be let down by one’s deep understanding and insight.

Keep re-adjusting your philosophy that suits your Spiritual alignment

It is possible that as one continues harder on the spiritual path, one shall develop a deep spiritual philosophy within oneself that evolves from the Self. This philosophy undergoes tuning as time proceeds and one shall slowly proceed towards developing a philosophy that has answers to each and every puzzle of the world. It shall have solutions to all problems. The solutions shall serve one well as well as be useful in transmitting to others, who need them, who can put them to good use. Such solutions can never be used towards selfish interests. They cannot be directly used for money-making, enjoyment, putting others down, towards impressing others or towards anything that is aimed with ill-intentions.

Develop your spiritual self

The goal of spiritual practice and spiritual health is to be able to see that there is a specific spiritual body available for you. A spiritual body is a set of spiritual principles that you have put to use throughout life. Your trust on those principles should be unshakeable and should work for you at all times. There are infinite spiritual principles and the seed from which the spiritual principles sprout is Truth and Truth Alone. God and Truth are two names for the same entity. They are one and the same. Depending on the spiritual philosophy that defines your life, one shall be granted a spiritual body that shall remain with one beyond this body-mind, forever unto eternity. Principles are not to be believed or not believed, they have to be perfectly realized. If you are the pen then those spiritual principles should be the ink with which you fill the pages called life.