9 Things to Remember in Yogini Sadhana

Yogini Sadhana

Features of Yogini Sadhana

Yogini Sadhana becomes an important aspect of the Female energies within Nature.

Yogini energies represent the higher energy forms of Mother Kali and represent various divinity aspects of the mother.

Dakini also happens to be another dimension of the Devi’s various Power forms.

The Yogini forms of Devi exist in the domain of Mother Durga or Mother Kali.

64 Yoginis exist in all or those which gain prominence in the world of Tantra.

All the Yogini potencies represent the Mother Form.

For an ordinary sadhaka, Yogini represents the most transcendent form of the Mother.

If a sadhaka undertakes Yogini sadhana and accomplishes Siddhi of the particular form of Yogini, that sadhaka attains a very powerful position within this universe.

Many unparalleled powers house themselves within the person of this sadhaka.

That Yogini shall always assist and support the sadhaka, every moment of his life.

How can one decide as to how one can attain eligibility to perform Yogini sadhana?

That we shall find interesting.

Who can take up Yogini Sadhana

In the first place, Yogini sadhana does not fall under the category of ordinary rituals or practice.

Yogini Sadhana represents one of the top level forms of sadhana, which no ordinary human can undertake.

One should be a direct devotee of Lord Shiva or Devi Durga or some of the Devi forms of Mother Shakti, only then can one qualify to undertake this sadhana.

A person with ordinary credentials, a non-devotee of Shiva or Devi should never aspire to take up Yogini Sadhana.

This represents the fundamental qualification of a Yogini Shakti Sadhaka.

Yet, that cannot be the only qualification.

How to increase Tapo Bal for Yogini Sadhana

Even if a person remains completely devoted to Lord Shiva or the Devi forms, the devotee should have already performed other forms of sadhana.

This would have added “Tapo Bal”, to his artillery.

Tapo Bal means, energy attained on account of undertaking penance and devotional practice.

This becomes the second qualification, in order to attempt the Yogini Sadhana.

One has to have compulsorily completed austere forms of Maha Kali, Durga or Shiva Sadhana.

One should be under the tutelage of a guru before taking up Yogini Sadhana.

Chanting Devi’s Divine Names

One should have already chanted a few million names of Maha Kali or Shiva before even deciding on Yogini Sadhana.

One should also be used to taking up some practices of “path” or Scriptural reading of Devi such as Durga Saptashati, on a regular basis.

Even when one takes up Apsara Sadhana, these very conditions are applicable.

A person undertaking Yogini Sadhana should have given place to Devi in one’s home.

Devi should be residing in that household as a permanent member.

This we can confirm, if Devi happens to be the Ishta Devi of the residents of the household.

People should be also doing many forms of sadhana and worship of Devi in the household.


Attaining Siddhi in Yogini Sadhana

Such practitioners should also be visiting places of pilgrimage of Devi such as Kanyakumari, VaishnoDevi etc, on a regular basis.

The Siddhi of Devi, especially in the Yogini forms happens when the devotee or sadhaka becomes full with emotions of Love for Devi.

Rituals and splurging of money does not play any part, when it comes to siddhi.

Sincerity of purpose and intention to love and serve Devi becomes the only decider while undertaking Anooshthan (Religious Undertaking) to please Devi as Yogini.

Shraddha and Vishwas (Faith, Trust and Love) alone decide the quality of Anooshthan.

Vidhi or rituals form a part of self-purification, at the initial stages of the undertaking.

Devi Devotees

Impressing Devi with our Practice

Only our sincerity and commitment to Devi can move her.

One can never undertake Yogini Sadhana in a hurry.

We need to give a lot of time and devote effort, if we aim to succeed in the Yogini Sadhana undertaking.

One needs to undertake committed service to Devi for a period of 6 months or 1 year, prior to taking up the Anooshthan of Yogini Sadhana to Devi.

Only then can Devi be pleased and she will ultimately decide to stay with you and share her love with you just as a mother loves her child.

How can we have a Vision of Devi?

People following this routine and taking up Yogini Sadhana can have a direct vision of Devi, without fail.

One can attain a direct vision of Devi, in a period of 4 to 6 years, after first taking up sadhana and then repeating the Anooshthan routine several times over.

The advanced devotees adept in Yogini Sadhana, promise thus.

Devi observes our commitment and our power of concentration as we serve her.

Only on her satisfaction can we expect to move ahead on the path of Yogini Sadhana.

Even after we have consummated our Sadhana routine, we should continue to do a fixed round of “Malas” (Bead Chanting), every day without fail.

Various Abstract Aspects of Yogini

People succeeding in Yogini Sadhana receive a warning for Devi that they should not share the experience of their success with others.

Such conditions vary with every specific sadhaka.

Yoginis represent many subtle aspects of our existence in the world.

Some of the finer potencies that come under the 64 Yoginis relate to fear, security, attraction, wealth, courage and all the abstract nouns we know of.

Many of the Yogini Shakti Devis represent Devi Laxmi.

Some represent Mother Saraswati while many others represent Mother Kali or Durga.

Many undertake sadhana that last a few hours every day for a period of 11, 21 and 41 days.

Even after the culmination of the sadhana routine, one should continue to chant the names of Devi, for a fixed number of Malas.

When a person continues to do the sadhana unabated for many years together, Devi may decide to inhabit the person of the practitioner and make him impregnable.

Devi inhabits a Sincere Devotee

If Devi starts taking the body of the practitioner she will become a power to guide many millions through the body of the sadhaka.

However when a sadhaka attains complete Siddhi of Yogini Devi, they will normally refrain from guiding others through congregations etc.

They become extremely enlightened and try to go deeper into the mystery of the sadhana.

By doing so, they gallop towards higher attainments transcending the smallness of this material existence.

One, who has devoted themselves to Yogini Devi, should not attempt sadhana of other deities.

The reason being, Devi attunes their whole consciousness, physical, mental and emotional dimensions to her service.

Their maturity has developed by the will of Devi and there will then be no need to go any further with other Devata forms.

Also, a mature sadhaka will naturally never try to align himself with any other form of Divinity.

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