Stress in Modern culture and Society | How to Experience Spirituality in Life?

A Society Of Animals

They say Man is a social animal. Nobody says, Man is a social being. This, with good reason. Society” represents civilization, but “Animal” represents sub-human, certainly not human. How can both of these words go together? But the fact is that they are together and it says a lot about non-spiritualized human nature. When a human being does not have the spirit, as the guiding force, he lives and behaves like an animal, although in a clouted manner.

People try to project their sophistication through their life style and their social status. However, for another “being”, who is driven by the qualities of pure spirit, can easily witness that behind all this civilized behavior and complexity of character, what drives man, is his fundamental, brutal, uncivilized and acrimonious tendencies of the jungle that follows the diktat “Survival of the mightiest”. From the Golden ages to the Iron Age, humans have only tried to dominate and dominate under all circumstances. When the spirit is not the focal point of one’s life, the lower, animalistic tendencies of man drives society and formulates a “A Society of Animals”.

Man is ever insecure, the moment he arrives in the world. He does not have a clue about the nature of his life and his immortal status, that of pure consciousness or awareness. Instead he engages with the impure elements of the mind, that has been his driving partner through many endless incarnations. The insecurities of the mind start to hound him as he gains consciousness and starts to roam in the thick jungles of societal circles. Man is constantly trying to make a self-conceived powerful statement. He is “out there” trying to prove a point to “others”. If a man is weak with less resources, he starts working hard, raking inspiration and starts to garner new skills with what intention? To prove his “personal point” to the rest of the so-called civilization. This new player then alters the rule so that he is applauded as the new king of the “jungle”. This is an attempt that is made by each of the 7 billion folks on the planet without exception.

If someone is moving around with certain people, he is trying to get an opportunity, a break, which can take him to a vantage position. On getting that position, he is concerned about retaining it at any cost. He shall resort to any means to ensure that he has an upper hand. He shall manipulate people around him and situations so that he is considered important. The height of foolishness of man is his “rules” for feeling happiness. When a man is praised by others, he is happy. When he is given undue importance, he feels happy. When people serve him unnecessarily, this foolish man of the society becomes happy. This is the shallowness of his happiness. Men of society continuously tussle with many dark elements, which are their own making. In order to tackle with the forces that run the world, men of the society stoop down to any level and try to manipulate several parameters in order to gain advantage. Thus man becomes an object of scheming and plotting seeking few moments of release and entertainment. This is all when it comes to the definition of “personal happiness”. To live for oneself, at the cost of others, to cheat and gain advantage, to lie so that one is able to maintain one’s position, all this has become the way of the so-called intelligent, powerful people of the world. Power, position and wealth are the olden-modern-day tools used to manipulate nature and situations. This is the thinking of the men of society. Can such a society have any peaceful future? Can the problems of the world disappear with these low-grade, cheap  tendencies proliferating in society? When a man is so fearful about even the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, can such a man ever imagine of eternal happiness and freedom from fear? Impossible, never.

When man starts believing that “This world is real”, this is forms the root of his animalistic behavior. When this world is assumed to be real, the senses and the mind create and magnify the make-believe world in front of him. He starts to seek opportunities so that he can place himself comfortably, in his assumedly real world. This assumption that the world is real, I shall die, nobody shall remember me, none shall know me, in this world I am all alone and a host of such related feelings start sprouting with the aid of the animalistic social order, drives man to into becoming neurotic. He is consumed by his feeling of loneliness and wants to avoid this situation being fearful of all these conditions even in his sleep. Only one in a million becomes fortunate, where intelligence is awakened and man starts “observing” the life process with keenness. Only a man of “Grace” shall ever escape this neurosis that almost 100% of the planet are going through. We shall consider some statements made earlier and understand it through the eyes of the pure spirit. However these statements cannot make sense to almost 100% of the world population. Unfortunately “Grace”, some other-worldly force is required to see the truth ingrained in the following statements

(1) The world is real

This is the farthest place one can get from reality. This world “appears” real and is definitely not real. When pure consciousness is reflected on a separated aspect of consciousness called the Universal mind, the world “appears”, with all diversity. If one were to do spiritual practice under an able spiritual guide, this separateness of the Universal mind, can be witnessed. As one’s mind gets purified, it shall reflect the “truth” about the world. One shall be able to live in the world as water floats on the Lotus leaf, the leaf being least affected by water. The world shall then appear like a dream ready to fade away into the far off mist. The world shall lie exposed with no stuff whatsoever.

(2) I shall die.

Yes one shall keep dying until such time one understands and is able to “see” the truth behind death. When one gets established in the Self, death shall fade away like the castles in a dream.

(3) Nobody shall remember me.

There is nobody there. The world appears because you exist. The moment you realize your divinity, yourself, there shall be none other than you. Seeing people around you, is part of the waking dream!

(4) None shall know me.

There is none around you, how can none know you?

(5) I am all alone.

Not the way you think. It is by the dint of “your” light the world appears. You are the reality of the world. The world depends on your light. You, are the source of the world. The only thing is that you have to realize this truth through Grace and spiritual practice. You shall always remain the source of all worlds.

Man does not need society, not at all. Society is the “dead” residue of one’s animalistic tendencies. Nothing more, nothing less. As man graduates to his source, the spirit, and all societies shall disappear from his vision and reckoning. He shall become thoroughly independent of any society. He shall know no fear. He shall become established in His very source the “Atman”, “Brahman”. The moment that happens, he shall know the zenith of all happiness and have no fears and no dreams. The Atman shall then provide and maintain the “being”. Man shall then graduate from being a social animal to just “being”.