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A Short sketch about Damodar Das

The author, Damodar Das, has spent most of his years in the quest of Truth. He has been practising Vedantic and Buddhist forms of meditation along with prayer and Japa (chanting the Holy Name).

However, after having spent many years in contemplation, meditation, mantra sadhana and chanting the holy names of the Lord, he has come to the conclusion that Bhakti Yoga is the topmost form of Sadhana and now he primarily promotes the Bhakti way of life.

At the age of 19, during the course of spiritual practices, he underwent deep spiritual transformations which lasted for over a year. This website is an out pour of his intense realizations of life and its processes.

After a course of 21 years of active professional life as a software consultant in Mumbai(India), the author is now retired and leads a meditative lifestyle along with his family in Vrindavan(Goverdhan, India) He continues to write extensively on spiritual topics.

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