Advantages and Disadvantages of Siddhis

powers of mansika japa

There are many advantages of Siddhis or spiritual powers attained through a sadhana process.

They might be developing some manifestation capabilities or some mental capabilities.

Some people become extraordinary astrologers after following a long sadhana process to acquire a siddhi.

So, the advantages are many.

But the problem is that there are many disadvantages as well that tag along with it.

We shall see them with instances in this article.

Developing Powers Through Manasika Japa

Mansika Japa is the process by which an individual focuses only on one type of Mantra Chanting.

The practitioner goes on repeating the mantra with all his attention, throughout the day.

As he progresses through this chanting process his thoughts as well as patterns, go on reducing and becoming less frequent.

This is the first and foremost goal of any type of Manasika Japa.

Only after one attains this, can a man become totally conscious of thought or conscious thought ever becomes possible.

When a person consciously thinks, then there remains no other thought on the screen of the mind.

Such a thought becomes a powerful force.

When a man becomes adept at holding only one thought in his mind to the exclusion of all other thoughts, the person also develops many other mental capabilities.

Powers Gained Through Manasika Japa


Such a person will be able to predict things in the near future.

This person becomes capable of finding missing things or people, simply by emptying his mind and putting it on the missing thing or person.

Automatically the location of the missing object or person will become evident to the sadhaka or practitioner.

But displaying such capabilities even with the intention of helping others can land us into problems.

Some people may doubt your capabilities and will want others to disbelieve you, out of envy.

These are the pitfalls of using such powers for the benefit of the common public, even if we have genuine intentions.  

Power to Locate Missing People

There was a case with a sadhaka who had sufficiently trained his mind in Manasika Japa.

This person had started helping people, keeping welfare to humanity as his goal.

An old couple came to this Sadhaka and reported the case of their missing son.

The sadhaka could easily locate the position of the son, on the screen of the mind.

However, some people had accompanied the old couple.

These people vehemently disapproved of the sadhaka, saying that the missing boy could never be in that location.

This was because he had left the house, quite in the opposite direction of the said location.

Other people discouraged enthusiastic visitors from meeting the sadhaka, saying that he was a fraud.

A few days passed and the missing boy was found dead, exactly in the location, that the sadhaka had pointed out.

Hence, people direct their jealousy and envy towards a genuine sadhaka, just because the person seems to possess some power higher than common men.

So, some genuine sadhakas undergo such problems wherein common folks malign them and their attainments.

Why not use for Powers for Social Welfare


From the above instance, it is advisable that people who develop extrasensory perception or siddhis should stop utilizing it for other’s welfare.

Not only will people not appreciate the powers and use them for their welfare, but they would also malign the possessor of such powers out of sheer envy.

It is important to note that when we start to hold some hidden powers of nature within ourselves, there are other negative energies that are also simultaneously created to counter these powers.

Hence, no one shall be able to utilize or appreciate these powers when coming to solve a social cause.

It is better to remain conservative and talk less about such powers.

There are other dangers of having such capabilities, especially when you become famous due to the use of such powers.

So, the wrong people come to know of your newfound powers.

These antisocial personalities will then use you for selfish and destructive motives by terrorizing you.

Such dubious characters force the sadhaka to work for them under stress and fear of life.

Instead of using the powers for other’s welfare, antisocial elements shall cheat you.

They utilize this power for hideous objectives, which might not be in alignment with your belief system.

Like some people might use these for dark purposes to accumulate money.

They might be involved in unholy practices and if your powers are invested for such purposes, you shall have a low mental experience.

The Deity Protects the Sadhaka


If the sadhaka has been sincere and has devoted himself to the service of a deity, many times, the deity comes to save the sadhaka.

The sadhaka may have good intentions and may make up his mind to serve society with his newly found powers.

Under such circumstances, the deity, who is a living reality can sense futuristic dangers in the life of the sadhaka.

Under such circumstances, although the sadhaka is adept to locate things hidden from the normal view of things, he is misguided by the deity and he makes blaring mistakes.

This is an attempt by the deity to protect the sadhaka from the evil eye of the world.

Although the sadhaka is an expert, he is forced to make errors in locating a thing or a person.

This takes the sadhaka by surprise as he sees his abilities miss the mark.

But, later the deity reveals to him that it was the deity that forced the sadhaka to go amiss in an attempt to protect him from the evil eye.

In such cases, the sadhaka has not lost his ability.

But instead, it is the deity who temporarily confuses the sadhaka for his own well-being.

This situation usually arises when people start trusting your predictions 100% when even antisocial elements also become a part of the crowd.

Thus, it is important for sadhaka to develop insight and intelligence.

In a Nutshell

This is in addition to Siddhis or spiritual attainments.

A Sadhaka must intelligently employ his abilities, without falling prey to the hands of spurious social elements. 

It is important that a sadhaka commits to a spiritual cause, and distances himself from using his siddhis for material purposes or people.

Unseen energies bestow powers upon such individuals so that they can develop insight into a completely spiritual domain and not try to solve issues related to Karma that belong to the material world.

Using spiritual powers in an intercepting manner, to solve current body-related issues, is to interfere with the laws of material nature.

Such powers are only bestowed upon an aspirant so that he can figure his own way towards liberation and also guide others who are genuine in the search of Truth.

All other applications of supra-mundane powers will only result in disasters.

Thanks for reading!