Disadvantages of telling Lies

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Fear of speaking the Truth

We are often never Truthful. Our world is a lie and we lie to ourselves all the time. We do not have one face. If we had just one face we would have known God. The world is an illusion created out of the facades that we carry on our faces.

The facade is where we maintain our hollow insecurities. We have a facade for our families and we have a facade for the world so that we can manipulate and get our selfishness serviced.

If we were truthful we would never have friends whom we can exploit for worldly benefits. Thus an entire life is spent in juggling facades. The Truth that lies buried under these facades, we are unaware of. Our facades are created fundamentally out of the myriads of fear that haunt us continually during our entire stay on this planet.

Our fears govern and dictate our life, thereby each type of fear gives rise to a new face. For example, we need to be recognized in society so that we can flaunt our publicity, to feel good. However, to gather such publicity, we may lie about our jobs and exaggerate our achievements, thereby trying to falsely influence others.


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Disadvantages of speaking lies

What we forget here is that we lose our center in the whole process, thereby introducing disturbance in our character because a spotless character is fundamentally a construct of Truth, which we might have lost trying to comply with the exaggerated societal standards. With the waning of Truth, we eventually lose our sleep and peace of mind.

It is left to us whether we decide to break all these facades with the hammer of Truth and reclaim our sleep and peace or wander in the wilderness of worldly compliance by juggling relentlessly with the decks of facades that we continue to manufacture by every passing day.

Have you felt that you have been lying too much these days? What do you think about being Truthful as a practice? Do you think being Truthful has got anything to do with what is right or wrong? Do let me know your ideas in the comment section. I will be happy to connect with you in case you want to share ideas.

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