Anger Personality Quotient

Anger Personality Quotient

This Test is a fun way to understand your Anger Personality Quotient. Anger Personality Quotient is a value between 0 and 1 and will depend on the output of this test. There are 30 questions and you will have to take all the 30 questions without skipping them. See where you stand in your “Anger”.

1 ) While creating your CV you tend to...





2 ) What describes you the best?





3 ) In a hero, which expression you prefer the most





4 ) Which color jacket you prefer?





5 ) Who among the following attracts you?





6 ) You get angry when you are...





7 ) How many friends do you have?





8 ) Which hair type you prefer?





9 ) You tend to interact with...





10 ) When you become angry, how do you react?





11 ) When you do not get something you wanted for a long time, you tend to...





12 ) Is it easy for others to upset you?





13 ) "Anger is great to manage people." How true is this statement?





14 ) You don't tolerate...





15 ) How often you get angry?





16 ) When you go to a party, you...





17 ) "Equality is for all". How true is this statement for you?





18 ) 'Love and Concern can be expressed through anger. How true is this statement for you?





19 ) Do you use anger to draw the attention of others?





20 ) You have aversion to pet dogs?





21 ) Are you open to facing criticism?





22 ) How likely are you believe that Yoga and Meditation are good for Anger Management?





23 ) When somebody doesn't do a work you asked them to, you...





24 ) What do you do after shouting at somebody?





25 ) When somebody hurts you by mistake, you...





26 ) "You are a person of strong biases". How true is this statement?





27 ) What do you do before going to sleep?





28 ) "You are too straightforward"





29 ) You are the leader in your circle





30 ) "I should be my own boss". How true is this statement for you?





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