Secrets about success and failure


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Why do people fail?

Your life is fundamentally ruled by perceptions. Your polarized perceptions about your weaknesses make you a failure. Don’t be fooled by them.

Instead, you should be focusing on strengths and passions. Your materialistic approach to life gives you a limited view of life as success and failure. It does not recognize the wholeness of life and the happiness that is hidden at the very heart of life. Your life becomes cold and transactional. There is no wholesome appreciation of life.

Just like there are two sides to a coin, life is just success and failure for you. This is a very pessimistic approach and the whole perspective with which you view life has to change.

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Best tip to get rid of success and failure thoughts

Success and failure have no connection with creativity. Where there is no creativity there is no life. You need to become creative without expecting any result out of it. Energy only flows where there are no mental barriers. You need to learn to value things for what they are without attaching ulterior motives to life processes.

This is the first mental habit you need to develop so that you get relieved of the stress of performing in day-to-day life. Unless you get relieved from the pressure of competition and performance, you will never know the value of creativity. Unless you truly exhibit creativity for yourself, you shall never be able to work your way out of the pressures of success and failures.

The more you connect with your inner being, get creative, the pressures of success and failures will, by the rule of nature, ease out. You shall then never worry about whether you are called a success or a failure. You will simply transcend these notions. Its high time you get out of the rut hole of failure by developing your creative abilities without caring for the results.

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