Damodar Das

I am settled in Sri Dham Goverdhan, Mathura after retiring from active service.I like to write about Bhakti and Jnana topics, related to Sanatana Dharma. Visit My 'About Page' to know more.

Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-02

Prameya and Sadhana Bhakti Marga | Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-02

Theory or Knowledge of Bhakti is as important as the process of Bhakti itself. Knowledge of Bhakti illumines the intellect in such a way that when we start the practice of Bhakti, it shall not question or unnecessarily interfere with our emotions and try to weaken it by raising doubts. Once the intellect is illumined through the process of thorough understanding, as we begin the Bhakti process, this knowledge is absorbed easily by the Bhakti process itself thereby raising our consciousness levels taking us closer to God.

Lord Rama’s Family Lineage

Lord Rama’s Family Lineage | Putra Kameshti Yajna by King Dasharath | Valmiki Ramayana-6

It is important to know the character of the king to know about the kingdom. To understand finer details of the kingdom, it is important to see the lineage of rulers that ruled the kingdom. The Ikshavaku clan was so great that the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in that lineage. To understand the greatness of the Lord’s human form, it is important to understand the greatness of the lineage in which he appeared.

Yaksha plans to meet the Pandavas

Mahabharata and Vedas| Importance of 18 in Mahabharata | Yaksha plans to meet the Pandavas | Yaksha Prashnam-01

The Yaksha Prashnam is a very important juncture of the Mahabharata epic. This event a complete end to end guide to for every inquisitive soul. The event delineates the basic principles of Sanatana Dharma, A knowledge man which every man can easily acquire, simply by listening to the conversations between the Yaksha and the Pandavas. The backdrop for the event is being set here.

Introduction to Mundaka Upanishad

Introduction to Mundaka Upanishad | The Journey of Dissolving Ego and Realizing the Self

The goal of the Upanishads is to initiate the awakening process. When one is serious about waking up to his reality, there can be no other work as authentic and genuine as the Upanishads. Simply meditating on the Upanishads can initiate a tremendous trigger-process within the system because the Upanishads were composed in the most wakeful states of existence. Even the mere words of their composition are pregnant with awareness that by simply remembering the intention of the works, can snap the sadhaka out of his cosmic slumber.

Luv Kush recite the Ramayana for Lord Rama

Valmiki Writes the Uttara Kanda in Ramayana | Luv Kush recite the Ramayana to Lord Rama | Valmiki Ramayana-5

More than rote reading the Ramayana, it is essential to know the mood and background of the great epic. The goal of any scripture is to take one back to one’s eternal Abode which is also the Abode of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sage Narada, Sri Brahma, Sage Valmiki and a host of many sages have only one desire and that is to create an avenue for Liberation. In Kaliyuga other than the divine pastimes of the Supreme Lord,