Damodar Das

I am settled in Sri Dham Goverdhan, Mathura after retiring from active service.I like to write about Bhakti and Jnana topics, related to Sanatana Dharma. Visit My 'About Page' to know more.

Dhyana, Concentration and Meditation explained

What is Meditation? | Dhyana, Concentration and Meditation explained

Meditation is a great tool to gravitate to our final reality. Concentration is an integral aspect of meditation. Subjective reality relates to our original nature to which meditation and concentration can serve as a conduit channel Undertaking meditation under an expert is essential if our intention is to graduate to our subjective reality which requires the individual to transcend many interceptive extrasensory vibrations which may have a detrimental effect on the psyche if not performed under able guidance.

Relation of Bhakti Yoga with Karma and Jnana Yoga

Greatness of Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is as old as the RigVeda. Bhakti is also known as Bhagavatha Dharma. It is the natural relationship between the Jiva and Ishwara.

Vali and Sugriva Fight

Does Lord Rama show Partiality? | Vali and Sugriva Fight

It is important to understand the thin line that separates partiality and Dharma. This was seen in the relationship of the Lord with Sugreeva, the Vanara king. Vali was elder to Sugreeva and more powerful, yet the Lord sided Sugreeva and helped the killing of Vali in an apparently deceitful manner. Unless one digs deep into the incident one shall mistake Dharma to partiality. Humans are often prone to committing this error.

What is Knowledge and Perception

What is Knowledge and Perception | Understanding Experience and Knowledge

Many concepts such as Experience, Perception, Intuition, and Knowledge requires proper understanding. An understanding of these concepts can open several locks that hinder our understanding of the world that surrounds us. As we remove the various road-blocks through a proper deliberation on these concepts, one shall be able to break free from pre-conceived notions that blur the vision of reality that is behind all phenomena.