Baby Krishna rescues his Bull

Baby Krishna rescues his bull

Krishna’s nature

The word ‘No’ is not present in Krishna’s dictionary.

Even if someone wants to have a star for himself, Kanhai will delightfully nod his head.

Even Brahma cannot guess what runs in Brajaraj Kumar’s mind.

Today Arjuna came running as quick as lightning.

Quaking with fear, he yelled from the distance itself-

“Kanu! Kanu! Our Amit is stuck in the puddle.”

Amit is a bull, as white as a snow.

He dances in his own world.

Even in animals, you find difference of temperament.

The oldest of Baba’s bulls- Dharma is very sober in nature.

But, this Amit is an inborn fight-master.

Truly, He can’t even stand still for a few moments.

He has to run, jump, or ravage small heaps of mud with his horns.

He may even hurl mud with his hooves, or keep tutoring little calves on how to fight.

In his unique style, he will push his head against the calves and demonstrate his way.

Yet, he is a simpleton.

He doesn’t fight with anyone.

If any sakha caresses him, he will run only to him.

Amit gets stuck in the mire

A flood had taken place in the Yamuna.

Now, since the water has subsided, there are puddles all over.

Due to choking of waste in the channels, a lot of mire has formed.

It seems like in his world of jumping and playing, he must have accidentally stepped into one such puddle.

Kanhai has forgotten all his play on hearing the plight of his bull.

He quickly turned around-

“Where is Amit?”

Arjuna said-

“He might have gone there to jump.

Sadly, he got stuck in the mire.

Now, he is knee-deep in mire.

He is constantly calling you.

But Kanu we cannot get there!

The mud is very mushy.”

Dau dada, the savior

Arjuna is very sad.

He would have gone there to save the bull.

As a result, he has mud all over his knees.

“Dada will easily rescue Amit!”– For Kanhai, there is no task that his Dada can’t do.

Truly, Dau dada is the very personification of strength.

He can even shake a tree from its bark.

Indeed, He can easily lift Amit from the drain.

But how will Dada get there?

This is the issue.

Arjuna pointed towards his knees-

“This is how moist the mud is!”

In this case, there is only one solution.

Somebody should go and fetch help from the elders.

But, for Krishna there is nothing like impossible.

Where does he ever agree to take help from others?

Krishna devises a plan

“You all get me one-one branch.

We will somehow get Amit out.”– Shyam quickly broke a branch from the Tamala tree.

After all, our little Kanhai can only break tiny-tiny twigs.

Kanhai says-

“You all just drag it while I pluck all the twigs.”

If Dau dada wished, he could have easily axed down an entire tree; Kanhai is purposely breaking such tiny twigs which only 2-4 children can drag.

Eventually, Dau felled down numerous branches.

Countless children are dragging it.

Kanhai runs in the forefront with his tiny twig.

At such times, let alone his stick, he even forgets to carry his upper cloth.

However, other children still carry their Patuka, flute, horn, and their belongings.

“Amit!”- Shyam called aloud.

he bull struggled to get free on hearing the call.

But he sank even deeper into the mud.

Tears are rolling down his cheeks.

Krishna fondled him- “We will just get you out, ah.”

“Everybody stack the branches here.”

Nanda Lala demonstrated by first putting his twig in the puddle.

Now, He has become a task-master and begun to instruct people into stick theory.

Besides, He is even warning others- “Beware of the mud! Don’t go in.”

Bull rescued

There are countless cowherd boys.

They have brought countless branches with them.

As the branches piled up in the scum, the way was made.

“Everybody stay at the shore only!” Again, Kanhai is warning them- “If Amit stands on the branches, we might feel the push.”

Immediately, Bhadra held Kanhai’s hand-

“Even you stay at the shore.

Besides, Amit can start running on coming out of the mud.”

So now even Kanhai stands at the shore.

The task of rescuing Amit was child’s play for Dau Dada.

He simply walked over the twigs.

Thereafter, with his hand he held Amit by his stomach and slowly placed him on the twigs.

Really, Amit is running and mooing in bliss.

He just wants to embrace Kanhai.

The bull has mud all over his body.

Yet, Shyam is lovingly caressing his head and neck.

Krishna’s body is getting allthemore muddy, yet he says-

Come, We must clean you in the spring.”

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