Qualities of the Most Merciful Lord Balaram

Lord Balarama- The Most Merciful Lord

When does Dau dada instruct someone?

Very rarely does Dada instruct someone to do any work.

But, whomever he instructs, it is for his well being.

There can be only 2 possibilities, when Dada tells someone to do something-

1) Krishna wants to get something done from him and is now sitting like a shy monger.

So, He has told Dada to convey His feelings.

The doer‘s extreme welfare is vested in that act.

His mind did not venture there nor is there a possibility of your mind automatically riveting there.

2) On doing that act, the doer is going to be blessed with Krishna’s company.

He shall bring joy to Krishna.

Dada, being merciful, blesses him with this fortune.

But if such a fortune requires extreme labor and hardships, Dada won’t give it.

Dada cannot give anyone anything which is of the harassing type.

Dau Dada- our family member

People say- “Dada, doesn’t belong to this place.

He is a prince.

He is from Mathura.”

Don’t know why people give in to such gossip.

Dau dada is our life.

He is from here.

Matura is certainly a corner in our Golok, but I don’t go there.

I don’t like it.

Even Krishna won’t like it.

Dau dada might have been there some day, but, probably, he too didn’t fancy it, which is why he didn’t go there again.

He won’t go now, this I know.

Dau dada cannot in any way desert Krishna and all of us.

Krishna cannot stay without Dada, then how can Dada go?

People even say that Rohin Ma is from Mathura. People call her Rani, this is alright.

She is Rani Ma, but would Yashoda Maiya and Vrajeshwara Baba allow her to go to Mathura.

Love for Mother Yashoda and Rohini

People say many things.

They even say that Dau is Rani Ma’s, Krishna is Yashoda Maiya’s and I am Choti Chachi’s.

Whoever has made this partition is a lunatic.

Dau dada, Krishna and I belong to both Rohin Ma and Yashoda Maiya.

All three of us have suckled their milk.

Even now, we sit on their laps.

Tok is Choti Chachi’s.

I felt very bad when one gopi said- I am Choti Chachi’s.

So, I went and asked both Rohini Ma and Yashoda Maiya.

Both of them in a chorus said that we three are both of theirs’.

Choti chachi keeps emphasizing that Krishna is hers.

She even tells Maiya- “Bhadra and Tok, both are yours. But Neelamani is mine.”

Even Krishna calls Choti Chachi “Ma”.

Then Krishna is also Rani Ma’s, Yashoda Maiya’s and Choti Chachi’s.

Well, Krishna is very playful. He can become anybody’s.

But Dau dada is not playful.

Any person cannot just make him his own, but Dada is extremely benevolent.

He cannot deny the person who wants to become his own.

Dau- the king of Vraja

Why should Dada be a prince?

He is a king, the King of Vraja.

Even Vrajaraja baba keeps emphasizing the same thing.

Our Krishna is Vraja Yuvaraj. This is a very straight thing.

Dada is a king, which is why we dress him up like one and do his Shringaar.

He sits silently and protects everybody.

Just by his glance, he can guard everybody, in fact he does.

He is Bala; who can dare challenge him or even tease his Sakhas when he is around.

Everyone knows, if Dada even playfully punches a rock, it shall shatter to pieces.

Any Sakha can hold Dada’s hand and say this- “Dada, stand.”

Dada is so simple that he won’t even ask- What is it? He stands ready.

Dada won’t ask- “Where to go, what to do?”

Balarama plucks fruits for Sakhas

A Sakha can stand under some tree and point towards a fruit hanging in the heights.

“I want that fruit.”

Whichever fruit, of whichever tree, however high it stands, however rare it is, if you assign the task to Dada, rest assured that it would lie on your hand.

Krishna is very naughty.

If you ask him something, he may not necessarily give it.

If the fruit were unripe, sour or bitter, Krishna would first mock at the person.

He will not give it in the first place.

Many times he doesn’t even give it for playing purposes, but Dada doesn’t know how to refuse someone.

Tell Dada to climb the tree and pluck a fruit.

However, wide or thick the tree is, Dada will shake its trunk.

Still, if the fruit doesn’t drop, he will fell that tree itself.

You eat the fruit or play with it, but if you wish to offer it to Krishna, then Dada will once at least inspect the fruit, even if he sees it from a distance.

None of us have ever desired anything for ourselves.

Even if a Gopakumara desires something, then for certain, he feels Krishna would enjoy that fruit or object.

Balaram inspects Krishna’s diet

Krishna is truly amazing.

He can cringe on seeing a fruit- It’s rotten, or else “It is sour”.

But he will also grab it with his hands and then say- “This is not fit for you. It will make your mouth bitter. It will make you sick. Let me only eat this.” As if it ought to be eaten.

This is why we must all be cautious.

Krishna neither has the knowledge of good or bad, nor is he conscious of its taste.

If someone has brought it with love, then it is the tastiest for Krishna.

Hence, it is mandatory to keep Dada informed.

If we don’t approach Dada, he too sits like a Mauni Baba.

But if we glance at him, then through signals or an explanation he will tell whether the article is fit for Krishna’s consumption.

Dada is so simple, that he is ever-ready to pay on the behalf of a defeated friend during play.

If he sees a friend even in the least of low spirits, he will start calling him.

Why do the girls fear Dau Dada?

Don’t know why, girls fear such a simple-walking abode of compassion.

Dada like Krishna, doesn’t tease any nor does he block their paths. But at his very sight all take to their heels.

If not found a chance to run, like red monsoon insects, they will shrink on touching, and with their downcast head, stand as if lost in a dream world.

Then, not a single finger of theirs will move.

Someone asks or speaks, they will stand mute.

Even if Dada ends up asking something, one of them will then speak so meekly, it would be hard to find the speaker.

It would seem like the poor girl is suffering from a major throat problem.

To speak, she is putting in a lot of effort. Hence, she is just muttering a few words. Mostly, She will move her head.

Dau dada’s anger

But one thing is certain, there is no logic behind what angers Dada and what he brushes aside.

On some occasions, Krishna will keep finding faults in someone, and Dada will smile it over, or ignore them.

Sometimes by just spotting a line on our bodies, his eyes start emitting fire-

“Who has harmed you thus?”

On his own people, Dada never gets angry.

For him, the faults of the surrendered don’t appear to be faults at all.

He only sees the merits and merits alone of his people, and those who want to own him, he is their very own.

Dada can disown any, this is unthinkable.

As such, Dada is the one who sits quietly and is blissful in himself.

He might not necessarily respond to your call. Well, he doesn’t even respond to Krishna.

But he undoubtedly glances at the calling one.

His lifting his glance and looking at you, is more than sufficient.

Sarvadhaar, Sarvaguru, Jeev acharya, seers address my Dada with so many names.

Even for naughty Krishna, they use such aphorisms.

Aged Gopas can never understand their talks.

For all of us– this much is more than enough that Dau dada is there- our Dada.

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