Balaram’s Mother Rohini Devi | Rohini- Wife of Vasudeva | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 11

Balaram’s Mother Rohini Devi | Rohini- Wife of Vasudeva | Golok Ek Parivar (English) Part 11

Rohini Ma- Our family Member

Elders speak many weird things that we (Author) children can never dream of understanding. Take this fact that Rohini ma isn’t from Gokul, but from Mathura.

On one side the gopas say that entire Vraja belongs to hers. Baba and Maiya keep pressing on the fact that she is the queen of Vraja, but still, she isn’t from here, but from Mathura.

Mathura after all falls under our Vrajabhoomi. But Rohini ma is ours. She is our own family member. She belongs to our home. Rohini ma says, she is 12 years younger to Yashoda Maiya. How is she young? She is slightly taller than Yashoda Maiya and Maiya calls her Elder sister “जीजी”. Nanda Baba calls her sister-in-law (भाभी). Everybody calls her elder, but she says, she is young, is this less astonishing. Don’t know why Rohini ma doesn’t wear ornaments. She is herself molten gold in complexion, this could be why she doesn’t wear them. But she doesn’t even loop garlands on her hair.

People say Daudada is the son of his mother. Rohini ma loves Krishna and us all, but where is she free to sit, keeping a child on her lap like Maiya. She doesn’t lift Dau on her lap. Daudada also sits clipping towards Baba, he rarely sits on laps. On finding place on Rohini ma’s lap, Krishna or some other child occupies it. Rohini ma too never scolds or shouts at a child. The older gopis call Rohini Ma “Rani Bahu” princely Daughter-in-(रानी बहु). Rohini Ma is a queen. Neither a gopi nor Nanda baba can ignore her wish. Besides, Rohini Ma doesn’t order children, but her words are taken as an order and Krishna listens to her. Krishna is very naughty. He doesn’t listen to Nanda Baba and Yashoda Maiya. He listens to Rohini ma, Daudada, and a bit of mine. Ma very lovingly, in an explaining mood tells the children to do work.

Rohini ma- The Problem Solver

All the girls- Our sisters and daughters-in-law open their heart only to Ma. Don’t know how Ma finds time for them. One of them comes and ma sits, placing her on her lap. Clipping her mouth to Ma’s ears, she will start whispering something. They also laugh mildly. Ma, placing hand sometimes on her head or back keeps stroking her, and speaks so mildly that the nearest standing person can’t hear a single word. You get a little chime of her voice. When Ma speaks, it feels like the tingling of a small golden bell. On Yashoda Maiya’s asking, these girls simply move their heads. Sisters seldom speak with Maiya. Why do they hesitate with Maiya? Maiya never shouts at anyone. But she never allows us to complete. If Krishna starts asking, Maiya clears her stance- “Your Rohini Ma knows everything- I don’t know many things.” Rohini Ma alone listens to our talks and provides us answers. She also resolves our fights.

Rohini Ma- manager of House affairs

Rohini Ma has lots of work. She is the pillar of managing the house affairs. Ma knows what is required when by Baba, maids, and cattle. To welcome saints, relatives, guests, Nanda baba’s colleagues and Maiya’s friends, Ma has to make arrangements for their hospitality. Ma also remembers and sends items to a gopa’s residence or wives’ apartments of us children. She never forgets a single chore. Ma hears us (children) and girls, simultaneously assigning duties to servants or maid. She has to deliver a message or an object to someone. It is Ma who tells anyone of us (children). “Lala re, Ask Nandan chacha if he is going towards the forest, If Yes, tell him to get some ripe Tamal fruits for me”

Even if you casually pass the message to Chacha, Chacha will instantly, lift his cane and proceed to the forest. This mood is present within all. Rohini ma is also worried about cows “Lala re, Have you seen our Kapila eat all the hay today.” The child who received her query will run towards the barn to answer her. Ma even enters such nitty-gritties “Has your Maiya change her ghee stained dress”? She must be answered with honesty. Though you know, on hearing “no”, ma will lovingly chide him or instantly, send her a fresh pair.

Gopis complain to Rohini Ma

Maximum problems concern Krishna. Some Gopi comes complaining only to Rohini Ma that this prankster has tumbled her curd pot or pulled her pigtail.” They take this complaint to Maiya, only to tease krishna, because Maiya will certainly question her darling son. Rohini ma will hear it out, and advice the speaker or come up with a witty plan. The Sakhas face no less problems with Krishna. Krishna distributes food of someone’s tiffin to monkeys or gifts another’s upper cloth to a bear. Rohini Ma knows, Krishna can’t deprive a friend of food. She asked “Did you go Hungry?” The Sakha is upset, “He forcefully fed me from his tiffin. Should I eat from his pot?” But Rohini ma persuades him- “The monkeys would have eyed your pot or its youngling would have peeped into it. We should not eat food eyed by others. You know that.” Don’t know who gives Ma forest news, sitting at home. “Was it a he-bear or a she-bear.” That she bear must have delivered babies. Her little babies would be shivering from cold. She will use you cloth to cover them or tie it on a branch and make them a house.” The Sakha definitely claps and laughs- “Oh! Tomorrow I will gift them my blanket. Krishna’s uppercloth is small, so, he has given my cloth.” The Sakhas are well-aware of their naughty friend’s gimmicks. Krishna doesn’t know to behave straightforwardly. To place a flower on someone’s ear he will first blow into it or twirl his little finger. Krishna asks Ma as he pleases- Ma. Why has this vine flowered? Ma must give an answer- “She is yours. She offers flowers for your make up.” Krishna was overjoyed- Is she mine? He ran towards the vine and asked her-Are you mine? You give flowers for me? You are very good. I will put your flowers on my hair. Krishna hugged the vine and touched it lovingly. Now, it is confirmed, tomorrow onwards the vine will be laden with flowers.