Bankey Bihari Temple Festivals

holi in bankey bihari temple

Special days of Bankey Bihari temple

Bihar Panchami (Bihariji’s birthday)-

Since Bihariji appeared on this day, it is His official birthday.

On Bihar Panchami day, Swami Haridas and Bihari ji’s procession comes from Nidhivan.

Then, both the Lord and his devotee (Swami Haridas) partake Prasad together in the temple premises.


To honor Lord Krishna’s birthday, Mangal arati is performed once a year on this day.

Akshaya Tritiya

akshaya tithi banke bihari charan darshan

It is not easy to get darshan of Bihariji’s feet.

Hence, this opportunity comes only once a year, on the eve of Akshaya Tritiya.

You get to behold His feet and the ball of Chandan lying on His feet.

Holi (Basanta Panchami)-

holi in bankey bihari temple

Bihari ji loves Holi. Bihari ji celebrates holi with many colors- red, blue, yellow and green.

Sharad Purnima-
Only once a year, on the day of Sharad Purnima, Bihariji holds the flute.

On this day, he also wears His special ornamented Mukut.

Why wouldn’t He?

It is the full-moon day when He steals the heart of the gopis by His Rasa dance.

Besides, he wears a Mukut every day.

But he wears this special mukut only on Sharad Poornima.

Hariyali Teej (Swing festival)-

On Hariyali teej, Bankey Bihari sits on his wonderful gold-silver swing.

Indeed, He comes very close to meet His devotees.

You won’t find such an exquisite swing in any part of the globe.

A Benarasi craftsman had designed the swing.

The swing consists of rosewood rods with plating of gold and silver.

Hargulal seth had sponsored this endeavor.

Radhashtami day-

Swami Haridas (The founder Acharya) was born on Radhashtami day (1535).

Hence, this is the only day when Bihari ji performs the Rasa Dance in the temple premises.

The celebration begins after the Raja bhoga arati.

During summers-

The temple is highly appealing during the summer season.

To provide coolness to the deity, the temple authorities bedeck the entire temple with flowers.

For these elaborate settings, preparation starts right from the Ekadhashi day (After Navaratri).

The festive arrangements remain till Amavasya (For 3 and a half months).

Devotees make 107 flower bungalows in all.

Temple Marvels

Entrance Wall- Recently, devotes have studded silver on the walls of Bihari ji’s assembly.

Chandan Kothari and Phool Bangla- Only Goswamis have entry into the Chandan Kothari.

Besides, Bihari ji owns a private garden that meets His flower requirement.

You find all types of flowers-fragrant and beautiful.

For summers, devotees prepare various garlands, floral jewelry, flower bungalows, and garments with rare and exquisite flowers.

In fact, today Bihariji has countless gardens.

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