Bankey Bihari Temple Vrindavan Timings

Bankey Bihari Temple Vrindavan Timings

Bankey Bihari temple Darshan timings

Timings vary depending on the season. The darshan timings are-

During Summers– (Morning-7:30am-12-00 pm; Evening- 5:30am– 9:30pm)

During winters– (Morning- 8:30am-1:00pm; Evening- 4:30 pm-8:30pm)

Shringar Arati- (8:00- AM)-

This includes Bathing, clothing and ornamentation.

Pujaris bathe Bihariji with Yamuna water.

Finally, He is made ready to attend His court.

Raja Bhog Arati- (12:00 PM)- This includes a sumptuous meal

Shayan (Afternoon nap)

After Thakurji takes His afternoon nap, the Pujari enters His sanctum at 3:00 PM.

He then gives Bihariji a nice bath.

Scented oil massageSince Bihari ji dwells in his child form, the pujari massages His limbs with scented oils of many flavors.

Bihari ji is a divine child, for Him, not mere oil, but scented oil is used.

This keeps Him light and happy. Bihariji is laid toward His stomach.

With an extremely gentle touch, the pujari rubs the oil on His limbs.

They remove all their rings and ornaments to prevent any harm to their Kanha.

During winters- Use of henna and Kesar itra.
During summers- Gulab and khas itra.

Uthyapan bhog- Pujaris offer evening snacks which includes Chat items.

The menu consists of Pakodas, Dahi Vada and Tikiyas.

Evening Darshan

Bhog- The diet is according to the Vrindavan lifestyle.

This includes Samosas, Kachodi, Sada Pudi, Namkeen Pudi, Doodh bhaat, Raita and Sabji.

By the way, our Bihariji enjoys eating Doodh bhaat.

Temple closes– While the Lord sleeps at night, the pujaris clean His alter and make all arrangement for His entertainment.

Since Thakurji is a child, He may rise untimely.

Hence, there are toys, food, water, ladoos and betel nuts.

Astonishingly, at daybreak, when the pujaris open the temple doors, they find the articles scattered all around the room.

Why so many names for Bankey Bihari?

Like his colorful personality, Bankey Bihari has innumerable names.

Bankey Bihari

The word ‘Bankey’ literally means ‘bent.’

Lord Krishna stands in His charming three bent pose, known as Tribhanga.

He has hence earned the name Tribhanga Sundar.

So, in this context, Bankey Bihari means, the enjoyer who steals hearts by His three-bent pose.

Yugal Svaroop

Externally, it would appear that Sri Bankey Bihari doesn’t have His consort, Sri Radha, by his side.

However, Shri Radharani dwells in the deity itself.

Hence, Bankey Bihari is the combined form of the eternal couple.

Kunja Bihari

Bihariji formerly resided in the Kunjas of Nidhivan.

Owing to His sporting nature, He is known as Kunja Bihari.

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