Basics of Bhairava Bhairavi Sadhana

Mercy of Bhairava

Sadhana and Siddhi of deities

Sadhana or Meditation on Vedic and Tantric deities represent powerful ways of invoking the huge reservoir of Nature into our very being.

A certain devotee by the name Pramila (Name changed to maintain anonymity and confidentiality) invoked Kala Bhairava and Kala Bhairavi into her being.

She did that without too much conscious effort.

Thus she attained Siddhi of the deities, accepting them as her Master and guide.

The deities remained ever-present with her for her assistance and protection, at all times.

People can invoke the Tantric and Vedic deities easily provided one remains extremely sincere and devoted to the deity.


Invoking Bhairava – A powerful form of Shiva

Normally, people have two paths towards namely Vama Marg and Dakshina Marg.

The deities stay invoked through the medium of love alone.

This is one form of invocation.

One does not require any other qualification in order to invoke them, into one’s life.

Many people invoke the Grace of Lord Bhairava at the time of marriage.

Lord Bhairava, a powerful form of Lord Shiva, protects and blesses the married couple.

Even performing a small sadhana routine can help energize the powers of Lord Bhairava.

Through this method, Pramila could invoke various deities in her being along with Kala Bhairava.


Offerings to Bhairava

Lord Bhairava becomes extremely happy with some sweetmeat, jaggery, and two pieces of clove.

If one offers these materials with Love inside a Havan Kund (Sacrificial fire altar), one can obtain the grace of Bhairava.

A sadhaka should ensure that he offers sweetmeat mixed with clarified butter to Agni Deva on the Altar.

One should also ensure that the sacrificial fire is lit along with the help of oil cakes made out of the dung of Indian cows.

One other form of Lord Bhairava is a black dog.


If one feeds a black dog, remembering Him, Lord Bhairava accepts the offering through the black dog, with Love.

You can also feed sweet milk to the black dog, which Lord Bhairava enjoys.

Once we integrate such a routine into our lives, we can be more than certain that Lord Bhairava shall remain with us.

He shall be there with us at all times ensuring our total protection from the evil forces surrounding us.

Performing Fire Sacrifice for Lord Bhairava

Pramila, kept herself busy performing fire sacrifices of different kinds.

Thus, she won the grace of the many deities within the Tantric ambit.

She developed a sudden interest to serve Lord Bhairava.

She offered two cloves as “Bali” or offering to Bhairava, considering Agni Deva as a form of Lord Bhairava.

Pramila kept a plate of cow dung cake next to the sacrificial Altar.

By taking the name of Lord Bhairava, in her heart, offered two pieces of clove on the cake.

Soaking the cloves with clarified butter she kept a piece of jaggery on it.


She offered a milk sweet along with the piece of jaggery.

This process of offering to Bhairava, continued, intermittently during her several sadhana routines throughout the month.

Taking the mantra from a Guru

Performing a few rounds of the Shiva mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” while undertaking such Bhairava sadhana will be beneficial.

One should perform the Panchakshari Shiva mantra along with the Bhairava Mantra.

A person adept in the use and practice of the mantra should take the position of an initiating Guru so that you can safely take up the sadhana.

Taking the mantra, from an experienced sadhana shall yield immediate results.

An experienced sadhaka has already mastered the nitty-gritty of concentration and carries the aura of the deity along with him.

Importance of Guru in the sadhana process

In this case, the Guru carries the Aura of Sri Bhairava Nath.

Hence, if we accept the mantra from such a sadhaka, we shall be able to attract the attention of Lord Bhairava, through a process of recommendation.

The person granting the mantra, shall, in a way, be recommending you to the deity.

Only an experienced sadhaka, convinced about your commitment and sincerity agree to give you the mantra, following the Tantric Vidhi (Process).

Many deities appear in the body of Pramila

The case of Pramila presents an interesting study for students interested in Bhairava Sadhana.

Pramila used to do a daily Havan (Fire Sacrifice) for her Kula Devi (Family deity, a form of Devi Shakti).

On one such occasion, Devi appeared in her body (Sawari or vehicle).

When a Devi makes you a vehicle, the Powers of the Devi and the mood of the Devi immediately take over the individual.

On that occasion, the first to use her as a vehicle was the Kula Devi or her own family deity.

Next, all the Tantric deities appeared in her person one by one and suffused her with their individual powers.

People surrounding her at that moment stood dumb-founded and aghast as the deities took over Pramila.

Full protection for Pramila

The deities revealed the sincerity of Pramila and what powers she gained, on account of the many sadhana practices she practiced over many years.

Kala Bhairava and Kala Bhairavi assured the assembled crowd that Pramila now came under the dominion of Tantric gods headed by Sri Bhairava and Bhairavi.

The deities further revealed, that Pramila’s house now stood protected with an invisible powerful fence.

They promised that no force on earth could pierce through this fence.

The deities further revealed that Pramila’s family members were inside the protective shield of Bhairava and Bhairavi.

Love and Purposeful sadhana- The Two forms

Two types of sadhana differentiate Bhakti and specific sadhana for specific purposes.

When a person focuses on manifesting a certain result in his life, such as putting an end to his enemies, the goal is far different.

At that time, one should follow specific practices, with precision, in order the invoke the special Grace of the deity, for that specific purpose alone.

This constitutes the first type of sadhana.

In another case, one can take a special type of liking for a deity.

For the love of the deity, one undertakes sadhana based only on the pure emotion of love, without any expectation.

Here love qualifies as the predominant driving element of the sadhana and the process of sadhana has secondary importance.

People carry out specialized sadhana to attain specific results, where Love for the deity does not have much significance.

In such a case, one cannot make mistakes in the sadhana process.

The sadhana process has to be carried out in an exact manner, as mentioned in the Tantric text, taking into account the time, place, and circumstance.


Thus these two types of approaches have far-reaching significance and experts consider these two as distinct forms of sadhana, with extremely diverse objectives.

Siddhi- An outcome of Grace

Siddhi in sadhana does not mandate any specific qualification in the sadhaka.

The word Siddhi means Grace that one attains only through Love for the deity.

This Love for the deity takes the form of sadhana and Havan or Homa.

One should stand firm with this understanding before beginning their sadhana journey.

In today’s time, people do not have the time or resources to perform extensive mantra chanting and fire sacrifice that spans over days involving sacrificial materials that costs too much.

The only ingredient required for sadhana is love and love alone.

With love, every sadhana shall be successful.


Sadhana sometimes appears fruitless

Many times, people worry,  unable to witness any miracle.

Many of the Sadhakas may complain that they did not experience the deity, during the course of sadhana.

Well, that does not matter.

What matters is Faith and Love born out of that immense trust in sadhana.

Faith and Love become the sole channels that attract Grace, with minimum effort.

Only great quality sadhana can draw grace.

Neither a perceived great process, nor money, nor resources decide the outcome of a particular sadhana.

Only sincerity of purpose and faith drive the outcome of such Sadhana.

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